Seven Quick Takes: Veggies, Summer School, Priests, and Pools

Welcome to another edition of Seven Quick Takes Friday, hosted by Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary. Be sure you stop by her blog today to check out the rest of the Quick Takers’ posts.



I’m pretty excited for Project Yummy Veggies this year! Our plants are looking fabulous, our green beans are coming up like crazy (it’s already time to thin them out!), and now I have TWO zucchini plants that have sprouted! I am praying for the intercession of Saint Isidore that our garden is more successful this year than last. (We’re planning on sowing more green beans after our lettuce is finished, too, and I think it’s getting close to time for that.)




My girls and I went on a movie binge while Nathan was out of town this week. I decided that they were now both old enough to watch Back to the Future, so we watched all three of those movies, then finished the week with A Knight’s Tale. It’s been fun to share movies like this with them, and it makes me glad to have teens in the house.


Oh, and last week, we watched Forrest Gump (with some selective parental censorship) while Nathan was on another business trip.

My 12 year-old’s verdict on Forrest Gump? That was the best movie I’ve ever seen!

I wanted to thank the people who responded to my request for advice on chickens last week. Both here, Twitter, and on Facebook, I got some advice on good places to buy chickens, as well as sources of information on keeping them healthy. We’re still leaning towards that big time. We figure fresh eggs (yum!) plus the amazing manure for our compost and garden would make it a worthwhile investment. If you have anything to add to what was said last week, please feel free to speak up!

We got a great deal on Rosetta Stone Spanish for homeschoolers not that long ago, and I think it’s about time for us to install it and let the kids get started on it. Nathan and I will do the program, too, since I really wanted to take Spanish, but wound up with three years of German instead. (I was able to start a language in eighth grade, and the Spanish teacher was a little looney. She yelled at me for dropping paper on the floor and not picking it up — it was a tiny shred of paper from when you pull out a sheet from a spiral notebook. Señora Rubio scared me out of taking Spanish!) Anyway, we wound up buying all five levels, so if we actually do it all, we’ll be fluent in Spanish by the end.

We’re in the last month of our current priest’s time at our parish. He was brought here last August after our pastor suddenly took ill and had to retire. We’d spent the Summer with a different priest every weekend (and sometimes a different priest for Saturday Vigil and Sunday!), and he was assigned here, not as a pastor, but as an administrator. He has been wonderful to us. However, not only was this never to be a permanent assignment, his Nigerian bishop has asked him to return to his home diocese this July. So we’ll be getting a new pastor on July 1. Personally, I’m hoping for some stability just so we can make longer-term plans as a parish. It’s been really rough on a lot of people, and our parish is suffering from a loss of parishioners and income. Everything feels like a holding pattern, too. Committees aren’t making plans too far in advance, since some plans require the input and approval of a pastor.

I’ve never lived in an area before where this was any kind of problem, too. Growing up in New Jersey, we had a huge parish with seven priests and four or five Sunday Masses in both the Church and the high school cafeteria. (Christmas and Easter brought about a third Mass in the high school auditorium!) I haven’t been too phased by the constant changes, since I didn’t grow up with a particular priest at my parish, or even really knowing the priests very well at all.


Anyway, if you could, pray for parishes like ours, who don’t have the stability of having their pastor around for years and years (or decades, even).

Our family has decided to join the pool at a local parish. It’s officially a diocesan pool, so any Catholic in the area who is a member of a parish can join. We have very good friends who have been members for a long time and are even on the swim team. My girls are SUPER excited about this, since Project Yummy Veggies came at the expense of our backyard pool. We’re stocked up on sunscreen, the girls have new swimsuits, and we’re planning on packing lunches and school books (yay, Summer School!) so we can stay for a while and visit with friends. It’ll be far less convenient than when I could just hide in the house and send the kids out to swim, but it’s better for me to get out once in a while, right?


I started Couch to 5K this week, in hopes of finishing the first three workouts on time. Unfortunately, my sneakers have not been exclusively running shoes, and they’re also at least two years old, and I am horribly out of shape. So I wound up with shin splints after the weekend’s run. I have to put off going back to it until I manage to make a trip to Fleet Feet and get a real pair of running shoes, which I plan on using ONLY for running. My current sneakers will be retired to “slouch around the house” shoes. Or maybe “run all the errands!!!1!” shoes, for when I need something more substantial than sandals or my cute little Keds.

Have a super weekend, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes: Veggies, Summer School, Priests, and Pools

  1. How interesting. I’ve never heard of a Diocesan pool. I know what you mean about parish upheaval. Our pastor was removed through rather distasteful circumstances. We went through quite a bit of transition as our new Pastor came in and changed things – for the better, but any change is hard. I will be praying for your parish, and your future priest.


  2. Love your garden! All I managed this year was wave petunias in our front bed. In what used to be our tomato and cucumber garden, we have lovely crab grass growing and what seems to be a pumpkin from when the kids smashed their jack o’lanterns and threw them into the garden. Apparently, that’s an easy way to grow pumpkins! I will pray for your parish and others like yours. And for MORE priests! God bless!


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