Writing Elsewhere: Unleash Your Inner Monk!


At CatholicMom.com’s Tech Talk, I’m talking about Honor Your Inner Monk, an app offered by Saint Meinrad’s Archabbey. It’s a nifty app that helps you get into the habit of praying twice a day:

Often, the idea of praying daily seems a little overwhelming to people, especially if someone starts off suggesting the Divine Office — even if only Morning and Evening Prayers are suggested. If you’re not already praying, the idea of something long and complicated being added to a day that already seems packed with activity can make a person want to give up before they even get started.

Enter the Benedictine monks of Saint Meinrad’s Archabbey in Kentucky! I started following their Twitter feed because a friend of ours entered their seminary (he’ll be ordained next January!), and discovered their new app through the social networking site.

(I think I even found my friend in a picture in the app!)

Head on over to read the rest at CatholicMom.com!

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