Sunday Funnies: Backyard Farm Edition


I mentioned in my Seven Quick Takes that we’re seriously considering getting chickens by this time next year. We were talking about the helpful comments people had left for us on the Quick Takes post and my Facebook feed when our 15 year-old said, “You know that I’m going to start doing ALL the chicken puns there are if we have chickens, right?”

“Oh, sure,” I answered. “I love puns! They’re so egg-citing!”

She was horrified. Puns are not nearly as funny when your MOM is saying them! “No. Don’t!”

“I don’t know that many puns, though. I’ll probably have to scramble for them.”

“Stop!” she yelled, and ran down the hall. But then she came right back. AHA!

“Don’t run away! Don’t be mad! You won’t poach me in the face for my puns, will you?”

“AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH!” She ran down the hall and slammed her door.

Later that evening, we were out and about when I said, “Hey, honey, I’m sorry for all the chicken puns. But I have just one more and I’m gonna pullet out.”

So, that sound you may have heard at about 5:30 Eastern time was her loud, lamenting groan.

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