Writing Elsewhere: Gospel Reflections

Today, I’m featured at CatholicMom.com’s Gospel Reflections page, contemplating the Gospel for today’s Mass:

Today’s Gospel: John 16:5-11

In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells his disciples that it is time for Him to leave; He is about to ascend to the Father. Although He promises to send the Advocate (the Holy Spirit), his disciples are still grieving over Jesus’ imminent physical departure. Yet Jesus tells them that in order for the Holy Spirit to come to them and enlighten them further, He must go.


Oftentimes, we feel like God isn’t “there” for us. It’s tough to admit, but we don’t always have a consolation of good feelings about God all the time. And sometimes, things seem to be going really well when we’re suddenly faced with a huge change, which can bring its own challenges to our lives. …

Head over to read the rest!

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