Sunday Funnies: Dreams

My kids have the greatest sense of humor! Let me give you an example of the hilarity that goes on in our house on a regular basis.


I was driving with the kids Friday afternoon, and I told them about this horrible nightmare I had in which Nathan was killed in an accident. I said, “It was so bad that I woke him up to be sure he was okay, and I couldn’t even talk about the dream for hours.”

While our 15 year-old was sympathetic and said things like, “Oh, wow. That must have been so scary!” the 12 year-old comedian leaned forward and said, “Remember, Mom. A dream is a wish your heart makes!”


It took all kinds of effort not to drive off the road, I was laughing so hard.

Then, while recounting this story to Nathan at dinner on Saturday after Mass, I added that I also told them about another dream I had, before either of them was born, that he’d died on a business trip. I recalled how frightening it was, how I was so upset in the dream that I was inconsolable.

Then our 15 year-old decides to chime in with, “Well, Mom, third time is the charm!”