Seven Quick Takes: STOP! Hobbit Time!

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As I mentioned in my Small Success post, we had most of our family in for our older daughter’s Confirmation last week. Nathan’s mother came and spent extra time with us after the Confirmation.

She has such a cool life story. She was born in California, but her parents moved to South Dakota when she was very small. They lived on a farm that had no electricity or running water; in fact, she didn’t have electricity until she was about 13! We have told her that writing about growing up on the farm would make a fascinating book, akin to Little House on the Prairie, only set in the 20th Century. When she arrived, she presented the girls with a book another woman wrote about growing up in similar circumstances, saying, “This book is very close to what my life was like on the farm.”

The girls thanked her, and then our 12-year-old said, completely deadpan, “Oh! Thank you! Now we don’t have to talk to you any more!”

I think we all about bust a gut laughing at that.

Later in the week, she commented, “I don’t know what teenage girls do in the bathroom! They take so long! I just can’t relate because I didn’t have a bathroom when I was a teenager.”

We then started laughing about how modern teens would lose every First World Problem argument with her.

“Oh, your iPod doesn’t have Wi-Fi here? Well, I didn’t even have electricity when I was your age!”

“Oh, I’m sorry you don’t have the most up-to-date smartphone, kid. Have I mentioned that I didn’t even have a bathroom in high school?”



Before Bishop DiLorenzo left our parish after Confirmation, we asked him to please bless our daughter’s new St. Michael medal that her aunt and uncle gave her for the day. He did so, then asked us, “Where are you originally from?” (Lacking the soft Southern accent common to southwest Virginia, we are easy picks for transplants.) Nathan said that he and our girls are all born in Florida, and then I volunteered, “I grew up in Toms River,” knowing that, since the bishop is from the Philly area, he’d know exactly where I was from.

Little did I know that he and his sister grew up making fun of my home town for some kind of crime wave that took place there before I was born! He laughed and laughed and promised to call his sister to tell her he met someone from Toms River!

That was not the usual thing I get, I tell you. Lately, people know Toms River for being a town that got a direct hit from Sandy, and I usually reminisce about the Fireman’s Carousel that tragically burned down last year, just as the boardwalk in Seaside was re-opening.


We have a few weeks of almost nothing to do! After the week we had last week, I’ve been holing up in the house, leaving only when it’s absolutely necessary. I’m enjoying the Hobbit Time I’m getting, even though my poor extroverted 15 year-old wants to get out and PARTY! Or at least go to the mall. I promised her that if she works hard and finishes some important work for school this week, I’ll take her Friday afternoon to the mall. While she shops and spends her Confirmation money, we’ll get the back of her St. Michael medal engraved for her.

Of course, come mid-June, we’re back to running around like crazy people again. I’ve learned that the craziness is really how life is, and the respites that come are my opportunities to recharge. I need to take those opportunities when they come, or I wind up mentally checking out and taking them when I really don’t have the time to do so.


One thing I am going to do during this slowed-down period is go see Moms’ Night Out! I made plans to see it Thursday night with my friend, and we’re going to dinner out afterwards. Since I haven’t seen it yet as I’m typing this, I can’t tell you how much I loved it. (Based on the trailers, I’m sure I will.) This night will be brought to us by my rockstar family: my girls are babysitting my friend’s preschooler, and Nathan will be coming home to feed everyone and hold down the fort while we’re out having fun.


I might even remember to pack tissues.


I’m thinking of taking up running. Not jogging, because bad stuff happens to joggers. This would serve two purposes: I’d be in better shape, and I could run with my 15 year-old, who needs to run some to keep in shape in her off-season. She doesn’t really want to run, but, then again, neither do I. (Have I mentioned that Sloth and Gluttony are my favorites?)

Anyway, I need a new pair of sneakers, but they are now going to be designated as Running Shoes. For reals.



I read (and LOVED!) Something Other Than God, and have now passed it on to my 15 year-old. She started it about 20 minutes into Adoration on Wednesday and got to the beginning of Chapter 12. She didn’t want to put it down, but it was time to go. I knew she would be able to relate to Jen’s desire for more proof, and I wasn’t wrong. “I like that it’s not a big, emotional conversion. I can’t relate to those stories,” was what she told me.

I’ll have to write a real review for it soon. I might even read it again just to do that. 🙂


How about a little music video to wrap things up? This has been going around Catholic Social Media, but it’s hilarious, and I can’t resist sharing, especially for those of you who might not be on Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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