Writing Elsewhere: Interplanet Janet in Your Pocket


I’m over at CatholicMom.com today, talking about another great educational app: Solar Walk!


Back when I was a kid, going to the planetarium was the best way to interact with the stars and the solar system. I had a big poster of our solar system on my bedroom wall, on which I would dutifully update moon counts for planets as they were discovered. (I’m so old I remember when I updated Jupiter to 9 moons!) I loved going to the planetarium at Ocean County College, and thanks to the big gas crisis of the late 1970′s and early 1980′s, it was the one place our school system took us. Twice a year. Every year. First through sixth grades.

But I still loved it! My father would even take me there to weekend shows for the college students, where I wouldn’t have to endure “Archie the Arrow,” and they’d just talk about the beautiful things in the sky.

Our local planetarium is shut down, awaiting fundraising to refurbish it. I could make a trek to Virginia Tech, but honestly, I just don’t have the time to do it (now that I know it’s there).

This is why I love Star Walk and Solar Walk, apps by Vito Technologies, Inc. Star Walk is like carrying the planetarium guy in your pocket, ready to tell you all about the stars and solar events. And Solar Walk is an in-depth look at how our solar system works, complete with detailed information on the planets, moons, and satellites in our galactic neighborhood. …


I couldn’t post this video over there, but how can I resist Schoolhouse Rock?

Head on over to CatholicMom.com’s Tech Talk for more about Solar Walk.

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