Seven Quick Takes: Can’t Stop Edition!

Seven Quickies: Hobbity EditionWelcome to Seven Quick Takes, hosted by the lovely, talented, and, I must also add, newly published author Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary fame! Be sure to head over to her blog to see all the Quick Takers!


I had a birthday this week, which happened to coincide with the release of Something Other Than God, Jennifer’s book. I have been deluding myself since Christmas that she chose this date to honor me. In any case, I did something I have only done once before, and far more forcefully this time: trolled for a birthday present.

Nathan gives me wonderful and thoughtful gifts, often choosing something I never would have asked for but just fit me to a tee! When I was getting ready to start my practicum and student teaching, he surprised me with a Christmas gift of several books on classroom management that wound up helping me as I got my short-lived teaching career underway. He’s found books I didn’t know existed that I love reading, too. He’s just really an excellent gift-giver, and I rarely need to give him any hints as to what I’d like.

One year, about 12 years ago or so, I asked for a particular ring from Kay Jewelers; it wasn’t terribly expensive, and it was quite pretty. I still have that ring.

This year, I not only kept talking about HOW VERY MUCH I WOULD LIKE JENNIFER’S BOOK, but I also said flat-out that it’s what he should buy me for my birthday. I tweeted about it, tagging him. I posted on Facebook about it, nagging tagging him again. I boldly asked if he’d ordered it. Last Sunday, as I left the house with our 12 year old for a garden party at our friends’ home, I looked at him and said, “Order my birthday present today.” (I don’t even think I said please! Oh, gracious!)

I got the news this morning that the book has just shipped, but not before this happened:

I am completely pathetic.


I mentioned yesterday that I haven’t gone crazy this Spring. This is an amazing accomplishment, which I can only say shows the utter grace and mercy of God. Of course, the real test of how willing I am to let go and let God take control will come in the next two weeks. Can I share my schedule, beginning tomorrow?

May 3: Dance rehearsal, Sanctity of Life’s Ladies’ Tea

May 4: Serve as EMHC at Mass, Power Brunch after Mass, Confirmation Dinner in the evening

May 5: Soccer practice in the evening

May 6: Simultaneous soccer practice and dance rehearsals

May 7: Adoration, ballet, inhale dinner, ballet

May 8: Soccer practice

May 9-10: Playoffs for soccer, dance rehearsals, final cleanup for family coming in.

May 11: Mass, freakout day because I’m sure the house won’t be clean enough for company

May 12: Family starts arriving, soccer practice

May 13: The rest of family arrives, family dinner (skipping soccer practice)

May 14: Adoration, CONFIRMATION!!!!!!! (OMGOSH, I AM SO EXCITED!)

May 15: Soccer practice, stage rehearsal for dance recital, some family leaves, most family stays

May 16-17: Soccer state finals Friday and Saturday, Dance recital Saturday, dinner out (I think) after recital, some family leaves after dinner

May 18: Nervous breakdown, Mass

I know, it doesn’t look like a lot. But in there are also things like school, figuring out some semblance of schedule so we can plan meals for visitors, cleaning the house (!!), taking all the baby shower stuff to Catholic Charities, and whatever else pops up. For an introvert, the flurry that’s coming in the next 2 weeks is stressful. And a lot of stuff overlaps in time.


I feel like such a loser because my schedule stresses me out. I think it’s the whole “unknown times” that’s going to happen with the playoffs and championship games. I’m also missing my Dominican meeting on the 17th because there’s no time on Recital Morning to do much more than prep everything and get my beautiful dancer ready to go.

The worst part is that I can’t look at that objectively and see what I have to be stressed about. Mainly, I start thinking about all my friends with 5, 6, 7 kids who handle their schedules much better than I do. I start to think, “What’s wrong with me that this freaks me out so much!?”


Our parish is supposed to be getting a new pastor this Summer. Our current priest has only been an administrator, since he was brought in last August to cover us. Our last pastor came in January 2013 and wound up with serious health issues that put him out of commission from Pentecost on. We had a different priest every weekend, and sometimes two priests in one weekend. It was difficult, but I truly felt blessed that we never had to do without the Sacraments, including Confessions on Saturday! However, our parish overall has suffered. Our population is down 10% and income is down even more. It’s been a truly challenging year.

Please pray for our parish, if you could, and include prayers for our new pastor. I know Bishop DiLorenzo will assign the priest God knows we need right now. I pray he’s a good man, a holy priest, and (for reasons I won’t even get into a whole lot, but allow you to imagine) someone who reads and answers email.

Also, please pray for our current priest, who will leave us and head back to Nigeria this Summer. He’s a good man and a truly holy priest. (I tell you what: they put something great in the water in those Nigerian seminaries!)


I have to go back to Something Other Than God. On Tuesday, Jen released the trailer for her book, which is truly awesome!

I cry every time I watch this video. And I love, Love, LOVE! Dwija’s part! It was so very real! Who needs polish when you have a LION in your house?


I am about to purchase an online course for my older daughter to (gulp) get her learner’s permit. That’s right, people. My older child is now legally able to take driver’s ed and get behind the wheel of a car! When the girls saved up and bought their Wii, they spent lots of time playing MarioKart, after which our older daughter tried to tell us she’d be a good driver because she’d played it.

This was, for reasons that should be obvious, not much comfort to us.


Okay, while I was looking for the video of MarioKart, I saw this ad. I tell you what, THIS is what being pro-life is about: showing families that imperfection is not the end of the world.

Have a beautiful day!


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