Small Success Thursday: All the Activity, None of the Stress

Welcome to Small Success Thursday, hosted by our friends at! As always, today is a day to take a step back and see where you’ve succeeded this past week, and to keep in mind that our small successes are really great successes in God’s eyes.


April is over, and now it’s May. Seriously, why is time speeding up!? And where did 2013 go, anyway? (This was a question my 12 year old actually posed the other day!)

This is a time of year that is typically completely crazy for me. My older daughter plays in a rec league for homeschoolers, in which they play Christian schools from around the area (who can’t play against public school teams). She’s on the Spring soccer team, and this is her first year with Varsity. They’ve played about 2 dozen games since early-to-mid March, and are now Regional Champs! Next weekend, they’ll have the playoffs, and the following weekend will be the state championship games.


Now, I am not going to delude myself into thinking that her team’s success has anything to do with me, except for me driving her to practices. (And she’s not even a starter this year!) But the success for me is that while this is all going on, my 12 year old’s dance classes get more intense – and get added practices – at the same time as soccer really gets going! Recital is the same day as the state tournament, which means I won’t be able to see her play, since I am the one who does hair and makeup.

So what’s my success here? Mainly, that I haven’t stressed out very much over the crazy schedule I’ve been running! I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that my wonderful husband has scaled back his travel schedule tremendously this year, which means he’s been able to help grab one girl or the other and get them home from an activity.

Honestly, I thought about it this morning and couldn’t believe how NOT stressed out I am!

Another success I’ve had this week is getting back our 15 year old’s grades for her second-quarter book analyses, one for English 10 and the other for Honors World Literature. I read her papers and helped her with editing and honing them. Occasionally, I’ll suggest a way to better phrase something (without, of course, changing her meaning). She got a B+ on English and an A in Honors World Lit!! *fist pump!* I’m so proud of how well she writes!

Finally, I am happy to say that Project Yummy Veggies is on Season 2! I’ve transferred 4 tomato plants and 3 pepper plants (started from seeds), my spinach is coming up, I think the rain from the last three days will help spur on that lettuce I planted, and cucumbers are planted. Mother’s Day weekend, I’ll plant the green beans and zucchinis. St. Isidor, pray for my garden to succeed!

4 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: All the Activity, None of the Stress

  1. I am totally praying to St. Isidor for our veggie garden! We’ve had success with tomatoes & peppers, but last year the bunnies ate our spinach (resolved when my husband built a contraption to cover our garden bed) & our zucchini got ravaged by stink bugs. 😦 I’m totally into canning and am looking forward to some good eats this year.

    It’s funny, because everything I’ve read by moms this week who’ve participated in the “Small Success Thursday” is saying mainly the same thing about how it’s May already, and how has the last month flown by so quickly? So funny how many of us relate to that! I agree with you that all small successes are really great successes in God’s eyes.


    • I couldn’t tell you. God is just good to me. I’ve had OTHER stuff that’s been very stressful and difficult for me, but the schedule just hasn’t done it to me this year. I’m not asking questions; I’m just grateful not to have one more thing making me want to cry. 😉


  2. I need to let your “non-stress” rub off on me. 🙂 April and May are nuts around here. Me getting stressed out does nothing to help the situation, so why do I get stressed?

    The veggie garden sounds amazing. Next year. I always have next year. 🙂


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