Small Success Thursday: Triduum Edition

Welcome to Small Success Thursday, hosted by! Take a moment to relish the little things that went right this week, and join in the fun! You can find links to more posts at the site.


This week, I actually want to start with a follow up to last week: my older daughter’s Spring Ball. She asked me not to share the pictures of her in the dress until Friday night when she left, and I haven’t posted them here yet.

Here she is, ready to go!



She had a great time, and was asked to dance by a couple of boys. Apparently, the music was all colonial-style: fiddles and the like. They danced old-fashioned dances like the Virginia Reel, and she had a good time.

For Lent this year, my younger daughter made the commitment to pray Lauds and Vespers with me daily. It hasn’t gone perfectly, and we’ve missed a few times, but it’s been largely consistent. When we started it, she told me she didn’t like it a lot. “I don’t get much from it,” she complained. I said that the best way to “get” something out of it was to pray quickly as we began, “Lord, help me to know what You want me to learn from this today.” I think she must have tried that, because the other day as we drove home from her dance class, she commented, “I really like praying Morning and Evening prayers with you. It’s really nice.” We talked a bit, and she said that she’d been getting a lot more out of it lately. Huzzah!

I have made it to Mass almost every day this week. Yesterday, my schedule just didn’t allow for it, but I’ll be at the Triduum and I made it Monday and Tuesday. Each day, I woke up thinking, “Today, I begin.


How about you? Tell us about what’s made your week successful!

3 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: Triduum Edition

  1. Excellent! Your daughter looks happy AND beautiful. I’m glad she had a wonderful time.
    I think I’m going to talk to my husband about praying one of the Hours with me. It would be good for us, I’m sure of it.


    • Thanks, Barb!

      Praying hours as a family is really nice (when we can do it). Sometimes, Nathan will pull up iBreviary on his iPad and join me without me asking him, and it’s always nice to pray as a pair or a group. (It only took a few times to help him get used to doing things in “choirs.”)

      Of course, as much running around as happens this time of year, praying with anyone is a luxury!


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