Writing Elsewhere: World View Wednesday

CatholicMom.com has a terrific feature each week called World View Wednesday, featuring different issues facing our modern world and actions we can take to help make things better. It slipped my mind that I had one last week!


As pro-lifers, we pray for an end to abortion, often taking part in the 40 Days for Life campaigns in our nearby neighborhoods. I’ve seen pro-lifers do all sorts of wonderful things, from praying to sidewalk counseling to foster care to adopting babies who were “unwanted” by others.

There’s a man I’ve met who stands outside the local Planned Parenthood every Saturday (the day they do surgical abortions at our clinic) with a sign that reads, “I will pay for all your prenatal care and adopt your child,” as he prays that the young women who are going in for abortions change their minds and choose life.

It’s not enough for us to convince a woman to simply choose life, but we must also be ready to support her after the fact if she chooses to keep and raise her child. …

The rest is here, but please be sure to check on all the World View Wednesday posts at CatholicMom.com!

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