Snoozing During Adoration

I did not sleep well Tuesday night. I tossed and turned, catching a few minutes here and there, until midnight. I got up, grabbed my iPad, and started reading Stealing Jenny. Finally, about halfway through the book (and about 3 am), I felt tired enough that I could get to sleep.

Unfortunately, Wednesday was not a day I could sleep in, since I had made a doctor’s appointment for my 15 year old for 8:30 the next morning. So I was up before 7, getting moving with our day.


By the time I got to Adoration at 3, I was so wiped that I could barely keep my eyes open long enough to pray Vespers. (I know, that’s pretty early for Vespers, but my Wednesday nights are crazy-busy, and I love praying the Divine Office in the presence of Our Lord.) I pulled out iBreviary and prayed Evening Prayers with my daughter.

After I finished Vespers, I pulled up Simcha Fisher’s book on my Kindle app and started reading that…until I fell asleep. Sitting up in my pew. My 12 year old was next to me, reading a biography of St. Joan of Arc, and she told me later that I’d fallen asleep and was losing grip on the iPad. I thought I had only closed my eyes, and that I wasn’t deeply enough asleep to drop it. I didn’t drop it, but that was only because she reached over and held it with one hand so it wouldn’t fall on the floor.

And it was a good thing that we were in the back of the church for once, especially since I wound up snoring lightly as I slept through the last 20 minutes or so of Adoration. When I woke up again I felt refreshed, and managed to get through the rest of my hectic day without crying or falling apart.

At one time, I would feel guilty for dozing off during Adoration. I told my priest friend that I would sometimes be so tired that I’d just close my eyes and was horrified to find that I’d fallen asleep for a few minutes. He smiled and told me, “It’s okay to do that, you know. A fellow seminarian said once that it was like falling asleep in the arms of The Lord.”

Since then, I have not felt badly if it happens, though I admit that I’ve never slept through half of Adoration like I did yesterday. I walked into the church feeling like my brain was wrapped in heavy fog like San Francisco in the mornings. But when I woke up at the end of my Holy Hour, my brain finally felt as though the heavy fog had lifted and burned off.

I had never been so grateful for dozing off during Adoration before.

I knelt in my pew for a few moments before leaving, and into my head came the words of Jesus:

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Rest. There are times when I am stretched so thin from all the running around we’re doing lately that just thinking of this verse makes me weep. Lately, it’s become another season of running from one place to another, from soccer to dance to the store to church activities to … whatever. It’s exhausting, and sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever get things done in the time we’re allotted. That weekly Holy Hour, quiet time alone with The Lord, is so vital to me when I am running around and busy because I know it’s going to help me recharge and be ready to be out and about so much.

So if you’re stretched to your limits, if your life seems too busy to take a breath, my recommendation is to carve out a Holy Hour once a week. The rest there, the silence, is refreshing. And Jesus beckons us, too:

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

One thought on “Snoozing During Adoration

  1. I love it! “I will give you rest.” God is good that way; He gives us what we need. Clearly the rest you needed this week was of the physical kind.


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