Small Success Thursday:

Welcome to Small Success Thursday, where we take a step back and see what we’ve done right this week, no matter how small it might seem to be. is our host, and you can see more posts there (as well as leave a link to your own Small Success post).


1. After more time than I anticipated, we really, really, finally finished Pre-Algebra with our 15 year old this week. She struggles with math in general, and it’s the only school subject that she isn’t working on at (or above) grade level. Even though we finished mid-week and probably have time to get a lesson in for Algebra this week, I’m giving her the rest of the week off from math.

2. I caught up with laundry after our trip to San Francisco. Usually, we stay in a time share where I can do laundry while we’re on vacation; while this sounds ridiculous to some people, it means that I do a load or two of laundry during dinner for a couple of nights (having a kitchen means we save money by eating in most nights) and come home with mostly-clean clothes. So getting laundry caught back up again when we got home felt great!

3. I went for a walk on Tuesday. Our 12 year old had an extended dance class, so I took advantage of the lovely weather and walked the equivalent of a 1K (according to Nike+). We’re blessed to have an extensive Greenway that runs along a river throughout the county, and it runs right by the dance studio where my daughter studies. While I was out, I walked my fasted mile, too. It was a pretty day, too. I prayed a Rosary while walking one way, then listened to music on my way back to the dance studio.

How about you? What are your Small Successes? Comment below, or blog about it & leave a link at!

One thought on “Small Success Thursday:

  1. I love being able to do laundry on vacation! It’s no fun for me to have to come home with a whole bunch of dirty clothes to be washed. And I’m planning to take advantage of track practice this weekend to get a good walk in, probably with a podcast playing in my earbuds!


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