On Praying Lauds While Over the Rockies

I slept after breakfast, and when I woke up, as I tried to pull the blanket back onto my shoulder, I glanced out the window and saw them: the Rocky Mountains. It’s the first time I’d ever seen them, and they were stunning. For some reason, God blessed me with more breaks in the clouds on my side of the plane than on Nathan and the girls’ side. I snapped some pictures, and as the clouds came together and obscured the view, I went back to reading. I took a break from my book and glanced out again, only to see more mountains between the clouds.


Each time I stopped reading, I’d see more!


Next time I looked up, I saw a canyon. I’ve never seen anything like it all. So beautiful. The canyons look like molds you might make to create a snake form. The mountains are capped with white snow.


Even though it’s been more than 45 minutes as I type these words, there are still mountains and canyons! They are immense. They are AWE-INSPIRING. I want to hold still, hover in this spot, stare at their beauty. I want to sing a hymn of praise for the One Who made them. Saint Francis, sing for me!


I just realized this moment that I have forgotten Morning Prayers. I was so busy sleeping and reading that I forgot! This is the moment, though. This moment, as I pray my Lauds, I will praise God for His mountains, for this beautiful place He has given us to live.


For if the earth is this beautiful, how much moreso Heaven?


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