Small Success Thursday: Between Trips Craziness Edition


Welcome to’s Small Success Thursday! I’ve been largely absent from this weekly gathering (and, let’s face it, from most blogging) for the last month. Today is a day, though, when we stop and think about the successes we’ve had lately. They don’t need to be huge. Not everyone has a book coming out. But some of us are excited merely to do things like…

1. … successfully get the family out the door in under 24 hours for a road trip from Virginia to South Dakota. Nathan’s grandfather’s health had taken a sudden turn for the worse. When he became mostly non-responsive, we decided to drop everything and leave. Because his health had been deteriorating a bit before that, I asked our girls (15 and 12) to finish and keep up with their laundry just in case. Well, the just in case happened, and we did three loads of laundry (as a family) and were out the door about 15 hours after Nathan called to say he wanted to go.

2. … Did you notice that bit about the kids keeping up with the laundry in #1? Yeah, that. I claim success for me because I’m the Mom, and I had to train them to do that.

3. … This week, I anticipate finishing Pre-Algebra with my 15 year old. Math is the one subject she really struggles with, and it’s the only subject that she isn’t working at above-grade-level. I’m really proud of her for working so hard to get through. When we’re done with it, I think I want to treat her to a Blizzard. (On Sunday, though. She gave up desserts for Lent.)

How about you? What are your successes this week? Tell me about them in my comments box, or blog away and leave a link at’s Small Success page today!

One thought on “Small Success Thursday: Between Trips Craziness Edition

  1. Great job! I have to admit, I’m territorial about the laundry. Now if only my kids would clean floors or bathrooms….


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