Small Success Thursday: Long Time, No See Edition

Small-Success-Thursday-700x420Welcome back to’s Small Success Thursday, our opportunity to share the good things that have happened to us in the last week or so. We have to remember that not all of our successes are front-page news. Often the little things in our lives are the things that, long-term, make the biggest differences. Like Mother Teresa said, we’re to be little pencils in God’s hand, doing the little things He asks of us. 

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Yay, me!

Yay, me!

Somehow, I managed to get way off track with my Weight Watchers points and I gained back everything I’d lost through mid-year. Okay, so it’s not just “somehow,” I just wasn’t paying attention to what I ate at all. Fun in the short term, very difficult to find things to wear any more in the long term. Our friends told us that they were having a Biggest Loser contest, couples’ combined weights, to see who could lose the most weight by Easter. While most of our friends started South Beach-style diets, I just started plugging away at my points system again. So far, I’ve lost more than 5 pounds in 2 weeks! Huzzah! I’ll be able to fit back in my old clothes again soon!

I’ve been feeling a bit down about homeschooling again. High school is such a roller coaster, and I have always had a hard time keeping much up during Advent. This morning, we were talking on Facebook about the local public schools being cancelled (apparently in addition to the very bad cold snap, there’s ice on a lot of mountain roads, and busses can’t get there to pick kids up safely), and a friend brought up standardized testing that schools in Virginia do. I mentioned that we don’t do them often, and the first time I’d tested my 15 year old since the third grade was when I needed her to take a placement test to start high school with Seton. She actually misses the cutoff for the grade she’s in, but she works above grade level in everything but math (the bane of her existence!). Seton asked me to give her the test to be sure she placed well. I ordered Ninth Grade, and, as expected, she passed everything with flying colors except math. When the counselor called to discuss placement after that, he mentioned that the test I ordered was not for the beginning of ninth grade, but for the end of ninth grade. My daughter had aced an exam two years ahead of other kids her age! That made me realize that maybe I’m not doing such a bad job with them, after all!

I really should have taken a picture of the results, but I was too busy drooling and shoving food in my face. Last night, I used my Cuisinart Griddler to grill up a few venison steaks. I rubbed them down with either a Bourbon-Bacon rub or an Applewood rub (both from McCormick’s, who paid me nothing to say this, but should send me a case of yummies – oh, wait, no), then just tossed them onto the griddle. It. Was. HEAVEN. It took massive amounts of control to keep my portion where it needed to be intend of eating three steaks all by myself! I paired it with an onion soup bread I had leftover from the other night when I made Venison Pot Roast (do you see a pattern in my menu this month?) and some green beans. Holy cow, did we all enjoy dinner last night! And since we didn’t gorge ourselves, we have leftovers! (Side note: If you’re looking to get that griddle, check around for pricing and shipping; I picked mine up on sale at for only $70 with free shipping, though that’s more than a year ago.)


Okay, your turn! Tell us all what’s going right in your life! 

2 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: Long Time, No See Edition

  1. I just want to say that you are extremely courageous for putting your weight out there. I am too much of a chicken to do that. Also, too embarrassed. As Erma Bombeck used to say, “I’m not overweight. I’m undertall.” I’m sure my weight is just right for a woman about 18 inches taller than me.


    • Yeah, I thought about it, but if I succeed, I won’t mind. My highest was 181, and that was before my first time doing WW. I was actually featured on their website as a success story because I was back to my wedding day weight! I doubt I’ll get there again, but I’d be happy with losing about another 25 pounds or so. Gosh, even 20 lost would be a huge improvement!


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