New Moon on Monday! New App Review on Tuesday!

I’ve been enjoying my new iPad, and today’s app review at’s Tech Talk is about one of the first apps I bought on it: Star Walk.

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One of the biggest selling points Steve Jobs had for the iPad was that it would be a perfect educational tool, allowing students to carry a library’s worth of books and experience things that might not have been within reach before. Students would be able to touch and move things around on the screen in a way that was much more difficult to do on a computer screen.

When I got my iPad, one of the first apps I purchased was Star Walk, made by Vito Technologies, Inc. The app makes use of the accelerometer and camera in the iPad to sense the direction you’re facing, as well as the Wi-Fi or cell tower signals (if you have a 3G- or 4G-equipped iPad) to pinpoint your location. …

I even managed to get through the review without mentioning that the keyboardist from my favorite band in high school says it’s his favorite app. Go on over and read the rest!

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