In Which I Start Doing Interviews

I suppose I could call this practice in case I ever get really famous. I am delighted and honored to be featured in this week’s Catholic Techie interview at! Here’s Sarah’s introduction of me, but please do click over and read the rest.

(Side note: I am getting raised eyebrows from my husband and older daughter at my hyphenated fifth word. It counts as one compound noun. Deal!)

I suspect that Christine Johnson has been a “techie” since her thumbs started working in her wee young days. Of course, back then, we didn’t call it being a techie. We just called it liking gadgets.

It’s been a pleasure of mine to get to know Christine through her blog, Domestic Vocation, and through Twitter, where she’s @CatholicMomVA. Back in July 2012, Christine joined the contributors as part of our Tech Talk team, and she’s been educating and entertaining all of us ever since.

Today, I get to take you “behind the curtain” with Christine. Though she doesn’t write code, she’s definitely a techie. Enjoy!


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