Small Success Thursday: Family Visits and Outdoor Dancing and Backrubs

Welcome to’s Small Success Thursday, an
opportunity to share our successes – no matter how small – and
offer encouragement to each other. If you’ve got a blog, be sure to
share your own success and leave a link at the link-up today. If
you’re not the blogging type, feel free to leave a comment below
with something great that happened this week!

† one †

My parents came for a visit last weekend, driving all the way from the Orlando
area to southwest Virginia to attend my younger daughter’s dance
recital. They arrived on Thursday, and on Friday night we all piled
into the car to go to the neighboring town’s Christmas celebration,
which is a big street festival that lasts all through December on

The first night, which is when my 12 year old dances, is
when they have the tree lighting and kickoff celebration. I teased
my mother that she had wished a bit too hard for warm weather,
seeing that it was a balmy 70º at 6 PM. The students danced and
sang and we cheered them on, amazed that the predicted downpour did
not happen. Afterwards, the students changed back into street
clothes, the studio owners packed up the tent, and we got
everything into our cars. As we stood in the street near the stage,
my family pondered where we could wander around downtown for dinner
and then … it started to rain. The timing was perfect! So we had
dinner out, and spent the rest of the weekend relaxing with my

The only downside was that an ice storm came through
Sunday morning and the Christmas show was postponed a week. So my
parents came all this way and didn’t get to see the full show! But
we did get to see them, and I’m pretty sure a good time was had by

† two †

I managed not to freak out completely over all of the
above, and the house was ready and so were all the costumes. This
is in spite of a headache so bad on Tuesday that I was sick and
slept half the afternoon.

† three †

The aforementioned headache was
brought on by some really wicked muscle tension. For years, Nathan
has been begging me to get a massage because my shoulders
frequently get so tense that it spreads up my neck and gives me
headaches. I keep putting it off because I just don’t feel like I
have time to spend on back rubs. But last week was the final straw.
He’s insisting that I get this done, and so this afternoon, I have
an appointment for a consult and half-body rub with a parishioner
who is a massage therapist. I have to admit that when I explained
my woes and he asked, “What is it that you’d like me to do?” I
nearly snapped, “Golly, don’t you do massages? I just want you to
rub my back for a week!” (Really, I wasn’t sure what else I’d want.
After explaining that I have horrible knots in my back and neck and
shoulders, what else would I want from a masseuse, but to have him
rub them all out?)

I’m aware that I probably
definitely won’t be better after just one back
rub, but I certainly can’t be WORSE, right? Okay, now it’s your
turn! What are your small successes this week?

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