Small Success Thursday: Advent and Visitors!

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I managed to make the house ready for Advent and my parents visit over the last week, despite my migraine on Tuesday and being in charge of counting the parish collection on Sunday. The house isn’t perfect (as if that ever happens!), but it’s cleaner and acceptable for company.



We started our Jesse Tree readings, and are using our new Christmas tree as the tree to hang them. Until Gaudete Sunday, we won’t hang any other ornaments on the tree. However, since Nathan risked life and limb to put lights on the house, those go on now, too. Minimal decorations for most of Advent.


This post got done.

Seriously. This week’s schedule is as follows:

Monday: drama class
Tuesday: haircut for the 12 year old & tap rehearsal
Wednesday: Adoration & ballet rehearsal
Thursday: stage rehearsal (both girls), possible choir rehearsal for the 15 year old, parents arrive
Friday: possible outdoor performance at local Christmas festival (weather permitting)
Saturday: office Christmas party
Sunday: Sunday school, Mass, Christmas show

If I disappear, it might meant I’ve finally gone over the edge for good. If I survive, expect that to be the Small Success post for next week.

5 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: Advent and Visitors!

  1. Glad you have Blessed Sacrament in that week, it sounds like you’ll need that quiet time to manage all the rest of it. I’m impressed.


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