Seven Quick Takes: Turkey Hangover Edition

Seven Quickies: Hobbity Edition

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I have decided that I should either cook a smaller turkey for Thanksgiving or get that thing in the oven before 10 AM Mass. We ate a bit on the late side last night – by the time we finished putting everything on the table it was nearly 7! – and all we could do when we were done was pass out on the couch in a lovely tryptophan coma. I actually had to wake up Nathan to serve the apple crisp a la mode for dessert.

photo 3

Don’t wait for the crazy blogger wife to take a picture! CARVE THAT BIRD QUICK SO WE CAN EAT!

photo 1

Stuffing and rolls. MMMMM … CARBS!

photo 2

“We’re smiling because it’s finally time to eat! Hurry up before we go cannibalistic!”


Thanks to my wonderful family, I didn’t have to wash dishes when we were done. I washed as much as possible during the cooking process, but afterwards, there were still platters and pots and pans and all of that to wash. By hand.

Yes, we have a dishwasher, but it seems to have developed an incontinence problem. When the repairman comes on Wednesday, it’ll be the fourth time since we bought it in February that we’ve had to have someone come look at it for its leaking. I thought it was fixed the last time, since we discovered where it seemed to be sporadically leaking, but apparently not.

All in all, though, it’s good to have such First World Problems.


My wonderful husband, whom I dubbed on Twitter as Mr. Best Husband Ever, bought me an iPad, which I’m hoping will help me be more productive and not make me addicted to new apps that are only available on iPad. (No, I don’t play Angry Birds, but yes, I do play Words with Friends.) What I really needed was something that I could write with when I’m sitting at the dance studio or the soccer fields. Instead of a full-fledged laptop, I decided a refurbished iPad would do the trick. It ought to arrive this week.


My parents recently retired and decided they would come up for my daughter’s Christmas dance show. Lucky them, they get to see both girls perform in it! (My older daughter is doing a monologue and skit with her drama class at the same studio.) Not only that, but they ALSO get to see them perform at Dickens of a Christmas, which is an outdoor Christmas celebration. We’ll get there for the tree lighting, then stay for a couple of hours to watch the studio perform some of the numbers from the Christmas show.

I have yet to come to terms with the idea that it’s almost December and that my parents will be here in less than a week.


Even though it’s Advent and we’re only doing Jesse Tree things until Gaudete Sunday, I have to say that there’s something that happens around here that really makes me happy. Our small town and the nearby towns all have Christmas trees, Christmas parades, Christmas celebrations, and the mayors of the towns light those trees and wish everyone a happy and blessed Christmas.

If there’s a war on Christmas, it isn’t around here.


I am always puzzled by the weird spam comments I get (and delete) on this blog. This one was really strange, and I thought I’d share it since it was such a weird juxtaposition with the post it was attached to.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 8.47.51 AM

“Another user suggested that the moving company can help you with very serious injuries.”

On my Jesse Tree post. Oy.


Our family keeps meatless Fridays all year, and we’ve decided that there is no Friday more penitential than the Friday after Thanksgiving. All that turkey, all those leftovers, and we’re having tuna casserole for dinner tonight.

Meanwhile, when I open the fridge, I almost feel like I have to yell, “GET BEHIND ME, TURKEY!” to avoid the temptation.

Whew. Me and my First World Problems.

UPDATE: I learned, literally 5 minutes ago, that in the 1950’s Pope Pius XII gave a general dispensation to American Catholics for the Friday after Thanksgiving for us to enjoy our turkey leftovers.

“Who doesn’t love a good turkey sandwich!?”


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