Small Success: Big Old Turkey Edition!


The amazing and talented Sarah Reinhard set up a super-awesome linky-do at for a special Thanksgiving Day edition of Small Success Thursday! Don’t feel pressured, but if you’re not too zoned out on triptophan after dinner, feel free to let us know about your successes today!


I have been consistently blogging on weekdays for 2 weeks. And I set up scheduled links to Jesse Tree readings for the first 2 weeks of Advent! Huzzah!


I managed to make preparations for Thanksgiving without losing my mind, despite having a splitting headache on Tuesday due to the dishwasher’s insistence on wetting the kitchen floor. I can’t get its incontinence checked until the middle of next week, so my amazing family is helping me wash everything tomorrow.



Speaking of which, I started my stuffing on Monday by dicing the bread. I diced the onions today (I use frozen diced green peppers from the store), and I’ll throw it together before Mass tomorrow.

And I figured out the schedule to cook my 20.5 pound bird while still making it to 10 AM Mass.

I feel like a ROCK STAR, baby!


My 15 year old really and truly finished four papers on two different books for Seton today and submitted them for grading. This is the bulk of her work for both English and World Literature. And I’m not stressing out about our schedule a whole lot, either.

Hey, the small stressing out I’m doing is NOTHING compared to last year! I’m learning to relax, and it only took me 11 years of homeschooling to get here. *grin*


Okay, everyone! Your turn! What are your successes? What are you thankful for? Leave a comment below, at, or on your blog and link up!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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