Seven Quick Takes: Blogging and Menus and Doctors, Oh My!

Seven Quickies: Hobbity EditionWelcome to my very-sporadicly-done Seven Quick Takes post.

I just can’t seem to get into a rhythm on this post each week, but Jen Fulwilet is the lovey hostess with the mostest for this weekly endeavor. Head over there for lots of link-ups from more organized people, as well as for the reason I just misspelled her name on purpose. (This is as opposed to the 2 years I misspelled it on her Christmas card accidentally.)


Today makes the fifth day this week I have blogged. Every weekday. I’d like a prize, please.


I sat down yesterday to write a menu, which I failed to do for November, so I had one month and one week to write, including Christmas and Thanksgiving, which meant it should have been a breeze, especially since I’ve been doing this on my iMac’s calendar for more than 2 years.

But no. 

I spent ALL MORNING straining my brain to come up with the menu, trying to coordinate all the extra rehearsals for the Christmas Show for the dance studio (which includes both girls this year – one in dance and the other in drama), my parents coming to visit, the Christmas show, the appearance at the local Christmas Tree Lighting, Dominican weekends, trips to see The Hobbit with our former pastor, and whatever else. I think my strategy of getting through Marathon Weekend and leaving the whole thinking about everything else until after that has backfired.

However, my menu is finished. And the girls actually worked on school stuff alone – without me prompting them! – while I did it.


I also have to admit that when I was stressed and couldn’t think of what to put on the menu, I might have played on Twitter and Facebook some.

Or a bunch.


I can’t remember where I first saw it, but I spent an hour watching this video yesterday, which is about 30 minutes long. I watched it once while I was supposed to be writing aforementioned menu, then again later in the day with my girls, who swear they won’t watch Duck Dynasty because “it’s EVERYWHERE.”

They changed their mind about Duck Dynasty after watching this. (Unfortunately, the only way to watch it at all is through Air Play on the MacBook and AppleTV. I wish it was available on Hulu Plus, but even their online viewing is not available right now. Phooey.)


The I am Second video above made me think back to the Lawn Chair Catechism series I participated in over the Summer. It’s clear that Phil Robertson had been to church before – he was married to a Christian woman, after all – but when presented with The Gospel, he admitted that he really didn’t know it. Even though he might have heard it in bits and pieces, it wasn’t something that was internalized in him until the night that man sat him down  and laid it out for him.

I think this is the case for so many people, as I know it was for me. I heard the message. I could even say I loved God very much. But there was a point in my life where these things were not enough. I had not internalized the Gospel; I had not made it a part of my life that changed me. It wasn’t until I started allowing it to change my life and how I acted on a day-to-day basis that the Gospel became real to me.

My goal in educating my children in the Faith has shifted since I read Forming Intentional Disciples this past Summer. Instead of wanting to be sure they had all the facts, I now am focused on helping them internalize the Gospel and really grasp that God is a Person – He is real and He loves them and He came to earth to die for them and accept the punishment for their sins. I wish I’d been focusing on that all along the way, but I’m not sure I have. My older daughter could conceivably be out in the world in three years.

My time is short. God, help me be up to the task! Help me to teach my children to love You!


Last night, our older daughter went on a date with her dad. They went to a 10:30 PM showing of Catching Fire together, in spite of Nathan needing to be up for work before 7 this morning. (I think they finally got home at nearly 2 AM.) They had a good time, and as I type this at 9:30 AM, the kids are still sleeping.

I’m so grateful that Nathan has taken the girls on dates – dinner out, movies, just going to the mall together – to show them how they ought to be treated by any potential boyfriends.

You know, in case the whole convent thing doesn’t work out at Christmas.


Tomorrow is a big day for our family! It’s the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and a local library is showing the special in their auditorium during their Doctor Who Extravaganza Day! The girls have played all kinds of Doctor Who trailers, and they’re planning on dressing up for the costume contest and doing all kinds of geeky things at the library. It’s really a pretty big deal, if you think about it. Except for about 15 years, Doctor Who has been on the BBC – and when it wasn’t on TV, there were still radio plays, comics (okay … graphic novels), and more. I wrote before about our family’s newfound love of the Whovian Universe. We’re all pretty pumped up for this event, especially since going to the library for it is the only way we’ll see it live.

For your own enjoyment, here are a couple of the trailers:

And a mini-prequel for “The Day of the Doctor”, called “The Night of the Doctor”:


Watch out, Amy and Rory! And don't blink!

Watch out, Amy and Rory! And don’t blink!

Have a super weekend, everyone!

One thought on “Seven Quick Takes: Blogging and Menus and Doctors, Oh My!

  1. Everywhere I click, people are referring to ‘Forming Intentional Disciples’. I must read it. Whenever I get to give a talk about sin and salvation though Jesus, I realize that most Catholics would not be able to articulate that THIS is the center of being Catholic. But I don’t think our priests know it either. Sad. The best-kept secret. I guess I need to pray for them, and then share the kerygma every chance I can. (trying to be upbeat). Our God IS a God of hope.


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