Small Success Thursday: Marathon Survival Edition


Welcome back to’s Small Success Thursday! Today is a day when we tell the Devil to bug off and take some time to thank God for the little things in life that we accomplish. Success doesn’t need to look flashy; many times, our lives are filled with little things that make a big difference.

So jump in and tell us about what you’ve done this past week that is a positive in your life! Comment below, or if you have a blog, jot it down there and share your link at’s link-up this week!


My successes this week are closely tied to my husband. (Honestly, I feel like his presence in my life helps me do better with the whole endeavor of life!)


Last Thursday, as I was typing up my Small Success post late in the day, I was also getting our family ready to go to the Richmond Marathon to cheer my husband on. I let Nathan pack his running gear, since I couldn’t imagine everything he’d need for running. (Seriously, you would never know just how much stuff you can buy to do something as simple as run around outdoors. But that’s a whole different topic for a whole different post.) But after that, I was in charge of the rest. He was starting to get nervous about the trip, so I made sure I had sufficient clothes for everyone, toiletries, Missals for Sunday Mass at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, chargers for everyone’s iOS devices, and whatever else we’d need. When we got there, and Nathan’s nervousness really started to show, he said to me, “I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so glad you are taking care of all of this other stuff so I don’t have to worry about it all.”


Let me tell you: it felt wonderful to know that the small bit I contributed to his Big Day meant something to him and made a difference for him.



The girls and I had most of Race Day to ourselves. We knew we couldn’t drive all over Richmond trying to catch Nathan on the course, so we planned for one meeting, just past the halfway point near the Cathedral. The texting service to tell us when he hit certain points was a bit spotty (we got them late, until he arrived at the finish line, and didn’t even get one text). When I realized that, I made sure we were already at the 16.5 mile point to wave our signs and clang our cowbells (MORE COWBELL!) and cheer much earlier than we expected him. When he rounded the corner, I was ready with multiple video devices and cameras (yay, kids, for helping record the day!), and we cheered and shouted for him. Nathan smiled and high-fived as he went by, and I after I turned off the video camera, I ran after him to see how he was feeling. Since he was tired, but doing well, the girls and I started to make our way down to the finish line slowly.


We relaxed on our trip to the finish area and enjoyed the hilarious signs people held, cheered on the runners (including one man we recognized from the elevator in our hotel), and prayed a Rosary for Nathan’s intentions.




Once at the finish line, we watched runners come in for a little more than an hour while we waited for Nathan to cross the line. We cheered people on, and then watched Nathan cross the finish of his first marathon.


How is this success one for me? As an introvert, I can tell you it was daunting to be in a big city (go ahead, people in New York and Boston, laugh at me – but it’s big by Southwest Virginia standards) on a day when there are 18,000 runners (8K, half-marathon, full marathon) and their friends and families in town. We managed to be friendly and happy all day long, and we managed to have everything ready for Nathan when he needed it, including cheering, hugs, and kisses from his favorite girls.


My Hero!


Here we are, back at home. After all that, what other success can I name? Well, the laundry is done (again). And I think I might actually get my Summer clothes put away this afternoon and get those boxes back in the closet to store until warmer weather comes around. Can I count a potential success?

I think you’ll let me. Don’t forget to let me know about your Small Successes this week! Leave comments here or at!

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