Small Success: Better Late Than Never Edition!


Welcome back to the weekly Small Success Thursday!  This is our chance to lift each other up and celebrate the successes we’ve had this week – no matter how small they might seem. Join in on the site, or leave a comment here if you don’t have a blog to use in the link-up. Three is a nice number of successes to share, but you don’t have to have three.

  1. This past week, I’ve managed to get all of my laundry finished. This is great, because now I can switch out my Summer clothes for my Fall and Winter ones. I always feel like this will never get done, especially as our lives get busier and busier.
  2. I managed to call the doctor and set up appointments for both girls to get their physicals (this morning), then I called to get the dishwasher repaired (again), which happens next Monday, and I also set up my annual mammogram, which I should have done in September, but we went on vacation and I kept forgetting to call when we got home.
  3. I’ve managed to have a good Dominican week! I have attended Daily Mass several times, said Morning Prayers nearly every day (I just realized I forgot this morning), and Evening Prayers every day. I’ve also said a Rosary almost every day and prayed for all deceased members of the Dominican Family. I’m still not as consistent as I ought to be, but I am definitely improving.

How about you? Chime in below, or blog about it and leave a link at the link-up! Let’s all celebrate each other’s successes!

2 thoughts on “Small Success: Better Late Than Never Edition!

  1. Dominican prayer power! All laundry being done is a success. I am still battling this stomach bug today, so I have two clean baskets of laundry sitting on our bed. I am waiting for the laundry gnomes to put the clothes away.


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