Small Success Thursday: Mass and Angels and Homeschool – Oh My!


Welcome back to’s Small Success Thursday! We get together once a week to celebrate our successes – large and small.

This week, I’ve managed to get to daily Mass both days it was offered, which is something I should do more often, but haven’t seemed to have been able to get done for the last month. The girls and I made it up and out the door to see Our Blessed Lord! Hooray!

We also successfully dressed up for Halloween and went trick-or-treating at my husband’s office (as usual). It’s great: all the departments decorate and dress up, then they give candy out to all team member’s children all afternoon. Pictures are offered for free, which are emailed to the team member the next day. You might wonder why this is successful, and this picture can show you. It’s mainly because I successfully turned my sweet 12 year old daughter into a Weeping Angel:

Watch out, Amy and Rory! And don't blink!

Watch out, Amy and Rory! And don’t blink!


We just happened to run into a Dalek! Good thing The Doctor was ready!



Yes, that’s her hair. This is what it looked like before she washed it a few times:


Natural color underneath all that goo!

Also, I’m excited about another homeschool success with my older daughter. I’ve been trying to think outside the usual box of education this year and be more flexible. So, we finished two ninth grade courses as we started work on tenth grade courses. Last week, she finished her Introduction to Catholicism course from ninth grade (and I have to copy and send in grades to Seton for it), and this week she has worked on her book analyses for tenth grade English and World Literature. She has good drafts of character analyses for the protagonists in Giant and Around the World in 80 Days, and is working hard on finishing 2-3 paragraph essays on the conflicts in each book. I’m confident she can accomplish these both this week. Even though I don’t see tons of progress on these subjects in my plan book, I know that these are the Big Projects for this grading period. When they’re finished, the rest is just study and tests for the most part.

What successes are you celebrating this week? Share in my comments or leave a blog link at’s link-up.

8 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: Mass and Angels and Homeschool – Oh My!

    • I’ve always appreciated that his office does this. We live where there are few street lights and NO sidewalks. To get to where the houses are closer together, we have to walk about half a mile, in the dark without the benefit of sidewalks or lights. Then we’re still without sidewalks in that neighborhood!

      The office is safe, friendly, fun, and we don’t have to wear coats, so my daughter can traipse around the entire building with bare feet. (O.O)


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