Buenos Dias!


This morning, I’m writing at CatholicMom.com‘s Tech Talk corner about Duolingo, an app my husband pointed out to me that’s letting my girls learn languages via my iPhone.

“Oh,” he added as I was about to ask how much it costs, “it’s free.”

Free is a magic word when it comes to apps.

Katie O’Keefe reviewed this app back in August for Android, which I hadn’t even realized. She does a great job explaining the game and methods, too. You get “lives” (chances to make mistakes) with each lesson. You get to practice reading, listening to, speaking, and translating back and forth between languages. There are also chances to get help by tapping the word you’re supposed to translate, should you need the help when typing.


Parlez vous Français?

Head on over to Tech Talk and read the rest!

Au revoir!

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