Small Success Thursday!

I’m pleased to be joining for Small Success Thursday. In our house, we have a board with answered prayers, though I admit (somewhat ashamedly) that I haven’t been putting things on it lately. It’s not that we aren’t thankful, it’s just that it’s become a part of the background scenery of our home. Today, I’m adding some things!

  1. I’m thankful that when we were looking for a car after vacation, we were able to find one, within a week, that met our needs and was WAY under the upper-limit of our budget. And it’s in pretty good shape! Hooray for little old ladies who don’t drive much and are particular about their cars’ maintenance!
  2. I’m excited to say that my scale is moving in the right direction again. After a Summer of not really paying ANY attention whatsoever to what I was eating and drinking, I discovered that my jeans don’t fit very well any more. Back to counting points on Weight Watchers, and back to losing weight. (Even a little at a time is better than nothing!)
  3. I’ve written about this before, but deciding to try medication for my older daughter’s ADD has turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve made. The other day, she said, “Mom, I want to thank you for getting this medicine for me. It’s really making things better.” She’s able to focus, and school no longer feels like The Battle of the Ages. Thank God for modern medicine.

Now it’s your turn!

What are you thankful for? It doesn’t have to be a major thing, just something small. Something that you’re accomplished that you’re happy about. Write about it at your blog, then click to leave the link in the widget below for that specific post so we can all celebrate together! (And don’t forget to check out all the success going on at, too!)



6 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday!

  1. Good for you! (And thanks to seeing the widget at the bottom of your post, I did a bit of investigating and figured out how to put the widget into my post! Woo! Success!)


  2. I think I need to be more focused on my weight loss. I did whatever I wanted over the summer and the driving factor now – I don’t want to buy all new clothes because I went up a size. I was very successful when I did WW before, but, I was not the happiest person in the world. I need to find a balance! 🙂 Best of luck with the diet!! Keep up the great work!


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