Seven Quick Takes: End of the Day Edition

Seven Quickies: Hobbity EditionYeah, so it’s after 4 on the East Coast and I’m just getting around to the QT this week. Jennifer and her buddies are all WAY better organized than me in this regard, so be sure to check out their efforts, which were probably not thrown together at the last second on a whim.



The excuse I’m going to use for not being organized for the Quick Takes this week is this:  we started our homeschool up again. It seems that my 14 year old’s strike was a good idea. We’re back, feeling refreshed, thinking we can conquer this high school thing! We’ve managed to pray morning or evening prayers together every day this week, plus we are on track according to the lesson plans we devised. I know, it’s only been 5 days, but it doesn’t take much to throw me off completely any more.


One big reason we’re doing better, especially where my high schooler is concerned, is because her ADD medication is doing its job. We switched from her first prescription to a low dose of Adderall for two reasons: first, she was a little nauseated all the time on the other stuff. Second, the other stuff was nearly $70/month after insurance paid their part. I nearly died, but we were willing to pay what we needed to pay to help our daughter. Thankfully, we have a terrific new doctor who said there’s no reason to get a pricey medicine if a less-expensive option is available and works. (Our old doctor, whom we loved, is taking sabbatical and assisting the VA with a project.)


Speaking of needing to switch doctors, our new doctor, who we love already, is going to have very limited hours on the regular practice side of things and be moving to the urgent care side of the practice. She’ll be taking this on in January, she informed us. I looked at my 14 year old and said, “Hey, why are you scaring all of our doctors away!?” (Yes, everyone laughed.)


Another thing I’ve been busy with is keeping up with my studies as a Dominican. Having a secondary vocation that calls for lifelong study is pretty cool, and always interesting. But I have spent part of this week trying to finish reading my materials for tomorrow. (I promise, I’m nearly done!) It’s on the sacraments, which, incidentally, is part of what I studied with my 14 year old in her religion class over the Summer.

Of course, I will also admit that I procrastinated a bit, watched the rest of Firefly with that same 14 year old (censored for her), and read Prelude to Foundation last week. When we took those two weeks off from homeschool, I took them off, too. During that time, I was busy geeking out on all kinds of nerdy things: Doctor Who, Firefly, Serenity, Asimov. Sometimes you have to read for fun, too.


Oh, yeah, we start with Sunday school this weekend. I’m not the lead teacher until the third class, but I’m plenty nervous. First of all, I have to be at the church before 9 AM. Considering we leave for our Dominican meetings at 6 AM, you’d think this would not be a big deal, but I’m so not a morning person that any time I have to be awake and lucid before about 10 I tend to be a little grouchy about it.

This year, for the first time ever, I’ll be my daughter’s Sunday school teacher. I have always worried that I’d be too hard on her (or too easy), but this year she’s in the group I’m teaching. I’m one of four teachers for the middle school group, and they’ll keep me from terrorizing her, I’m sure.

Our parish uses Edge/Life Teen, but the four of us think there’s not nearly enough meat to the program, so we’re adding all kinds of stuff to help really educate the kids. We want to reach them, and I’m going to do my best to stay conscious of the Thresholds of Discipleship, but we all feel that taking all the really Catholic stuff out and doing stuff like building things with Play Dough does no favors for these kids. We want them to fall in love with Jesus, to be sure, but just as  much as that, we want them to fall in love with His Church! And they’ll never fall in love with the Catholic Church if they don’t know anything about it.


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I was heartbroken to hear about the fire in Seaside Heights yesterday. I grew up in Toms River (across the Bay from Seaside) and spent my Summers going to the boardwalk. Every year from the time I was 2 until I moved away at 19, I rode the Carousel on Casino Pier. After Sandy, I was relieved to see that the 100+ year old merry-go-round survived the storm. I had decided that next Summer, we were going to take a long weekend and go to the Shore; my kids would get to ride the beautiful carousel with its hand-crafted horses.

Last night, the carousel was destroyed in a fire that started in an ice cream shop of Funtown Pier and rapidly spread down the boardwalk. Countless people have lost their businesses – again – and their livelihoods. My own sadness at a piece of my childhood pales by comparison to those who have just lost everything. But I still mourn the loss of such a beautiful carousel, as well as something that held such happy childhood memories for, not only myself, but many generations of people. I actually cried watching the video below. I have to agree with what Gov. Christie said when they first asked him about it. “I feel like I want to throw up.”


To wrap up on a much lighter note, my husband found what might be the most epic movie trailer I’ve ever seen.


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