You Don’t Help by Objectifying Me


Once again, we are approaching Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which seems to bleed more and more into September with every passing year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for ethical breast cancer research and treatment, but even putting aside the insidious Susan G. Komen Foundation – who is more wed to abortion than actually helping women detect breast cancer – the month is filled with phrases and images that do nothing but objectify women.

It seems that for every sweet picture with inspirational words, you get one that’s lewd. It’s perfectly okay, it seems, to use derogatory language while discussing breast cancer. And so over the years we’ve progressed from, “Get screened for breast cancer,” to, “Husbands! Feel up your wives!” (With T-shirts and bumper stickers to match!)

Tame by Comparison to Others

I’m suddenly surrounded by pleas wrapped in lewd language, crude pictures, and objectifying images. And they’re being spread by women.

Female Equivalent of Truck Nutz?

I can’t, for the life of me, understand why we have to make things so base. Is there truly no other way to reach people any more?

Yay! Let’s all explain “Second Base” to our young readers!

Must we be crude and continue to push towards the pornographic in every area of our culture?

Crude Terminology Required

Do we have to use degrading terms to refer to ourselves?

Seriously? What’s wrong with people?

And act in ways that further objectify women? Why are we encouraging this? What does this do, aside from titillate?

Is it necessary to have things like this on a T-shirt you’re wearing out in public? And mind you, I haven’t even touched on the “funny” stuff that is even more sexual. (And trust me, I’ve seen some of it out in public.) All of this is the tame stuff. There is some truly horrible stuff out there being sold under the guise of “breast cancer awareness” that is more fit for the advertising section at the back of Penthouse than anything else.

I don’t mind all the pink, even if it’s just completely wrong (and possibly an evil act) to have NFL players wearing bright pink shoes and gloves.† That’s far easier to explain to young children than some of the things I’ve shows above. We keep saying that women ought to be treated as equal human beings, with dignity. And I agree with that completely. Every human being deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

But I think that this kind of merchandise – these kinds of slogans – do exactly the opposite. It objectifies and dehumanizes women. It makes us all about our body parts.

It’s not about saving a woman’s life from a devastating disease; it’s all about saving her boobs so men can gawk at them.

It’s not about helping someone avoid illness that will take a toll on her entire family; it’s about making sure we’re not in a world without breasts, because what a shame that would be.

It’s not because I love my wife; it’s because I love her Ta-Tas.

Women, if you’ve been buying these things, thinking it’s cute and funny, think again. You’re helping degrade, objectify, and dehumanize women. You’re helping men see us as nothing but pieces of meat, with some parts being more delectable than others.

There are ways to help raise awareness of breast cancer (though I’m a bit incredulous that we really need to raise awareness much more than we already have) and to encourage women to get an annual mammogram that don’t involve such crude language. We don’t have to sink down to such a level to get men to care. Appeal to our better natures.

Act like adults when you’re doing it.

Let’s take a stand! Let’s make a pact that we’ll refuse to further objectify women with these ridiculous slogans and offensive merchandise. We can – and should – do better.

re: evil and wrong-ness of pink on football players: Pink is so not a manly color. Seriously. And it totally clashes with most of the uniforms, Miami notwithstanding.

One thought on “You Don’t Help by Objectifying Me

  1. I agree with you! But I have another reason I also hate seeing breast cancer awareness bleed into September. September is PEDIATRIC CANCER AWARENESS MONTH. Pediatric cancers are the LEAT funded for research, only a few cents of every dollar donated actually goes to real RESEARCH for a cure. St Jude’s is an awesome facility but even THEY have such overhead that only a few cents per dollar goes to actual research. CURESEARCH however puts 96 cents of every dollar directly into funding research, and yet I bet many have never heard of CURESEArch. The reason pediatric cancer research is so underfunded……children aren’t “productive members of society” in other words they can’t earn money, pay taxes and spend money.

    I know that most people will never experience the horror that is pediatric cancer, they may never see the reality of burying a child…..but right here in my tricounty area pediatric cancer is such a high rate we actually have our own little offshoot of St Jude! In a county of roughly 25000 people we currently have 13 children I am aware of who are at st Jude’s with active cancers, and atleast 12 who have passed in the last 8-10 years, and 10/12 who are in remission in the last 8-10 years. That’s 35 children in 10 years……and those are just the ones I PERSONALLY am actually somehow associated with!!! My best friend buried her 5 year old because of neuroblastoma. My other friends 8 month old was taking chemo for the same disease at that time, she survived. I could go on and on and on about how instead of feeling up the Tatas and saving the racks and boobies are beautiful…these things are ridiculous but atleast THEY RE FUNDED…….tell me, who already knew that September was GOLD OUT month for pediatric cancer awareness? Not many I’d say……



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