Housekeeping, Please Take the Poll!

Lately, I’ve been unsatisfied with the front page of my blog. It’s been each post, in full, without page breaks. So I just changed the format of the blog to have previews of the various posts.

I’d like to know what you think of the set-up.

New Setup: How Am I Doing?

New Setup: How Am I Doing?

UPDATE (2:45 PM): I’ve added featured images for several recent posts, which ought to help the visuals on the home page.

5 thoughts on “Housekeeping, Please Take the Poll!

  1. Viewed on a PC using Chrome browser.
    I think that if you’re going to set the blog up this way, you need to have an image for each post. It breaks things up visually, especially since your layout has 4 across the top and then the next bunch of posts stacked vertically. This layout does not lend itself to all-text, no-image blogging.
    In terms of how I read the blog, I subscribe via email so I generally don’t come in at the home page.
    (Also, I assume you’re in progress on a header image…)


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