Simple Saturday: Smart, Geeky Kids

I got word back from Seton about my older daughter’s research paper this morning. Is there a stronger word than “proud” that I can use?

First big research paper: success!

First big research paper: success!

My younger daughter had a sleepover last Friday night, which was a costume party, too. This was her costume:


Don’t be surprised if this shows up again come October.

Last night, my husband took our older daughter on a date to Olive Garden, Barnes & Noble, and Hot Topic. Olive Garden because there’s great meat-free options that aren’t fried fish, B&N because BOOKS, and Hot Topic because there’s stuff like this:

Bow ties are cool.

And this:

Tats not included.

This is not my flare: click for the proper owner.

She then said she got some Flare. Showed me some buttons that, as a former TGIFriday’s employee, I understood to belong on the suspenders. This might not be her plan, but when she shows up wearing suspenders and shows me buttons called Flare, I think, “They belong on your suspenders.”

We’re hoping to paint the kids’ room today. When we moved here, we painted one bedroom like The Hundred Acre Wood (complete with tree and clouds) and the other with Power Puff Girls purples. We’re going to slap two coats of primer on the Power Puff Girl walls and make it pale yellow. I’ve ordered fabric to make curtains, and we’ve got plans for decorating that makes circles a theme for the room. I’ll have to post before, during, and after pics whenever we finish. If it turns out like what’s in my brain, it’ll be pretty epic!

Of course, these updates won’t be any time soon if I stay here talking to you nice people. Have a super weekend, and I’ll see you tomorrow for the final 7 for 7 post, inspired by Jennifer Fulwiler.

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