Simple Saturday: Random Happiness of the Week

House Unseen is hosting a fun and easy link-up: Simple Saturday. Just post some nicey-nicey stuff and link! Tah-dah!!

Here we go: a few pictures of the week’s activities.

My sweet Big Girl came back from Catholic Heart Work Camp. That’s her on the right of that dumpster.

CHWC Official


Our local library re-opened after being completely rebuilt. It’s beautiful!


They restored the flag in a really beautiful ceremony.


This is one view of the inside of our library. It’s more than three times the size of the old library and has approximately a million times more light.


Here’s what it used to look like:

Yes, that’s all the kind of windows it had. I think they were expecting to be invaded or something. It’s very 1979, isn’t it?


Project Yummy Veggies continues to go well, despite something getting in and munching on a few of my plants.



I harvested the first green beans, and I think by today I have enough others to make some for dinner!


And I discovered that cucumbers grow really weirdly.



My older daughter took this picture & texted it to my friend with the caption, “I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.”


I love my silly girl.



See this cute girl? She’ll be 12 tomorrow. TWELVE! How did that happen to my baby?



Someone pointed out this really neat app called Beautiful Mess, which I think is neat.



And, finally, my quest to have Jim Gaffigan tweet at me failed once again when I made note that while I was playing a crossword game while watching Mr. Universe, this happened.



Don’t forget to link up at Dweej’s place!

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