Project Yummy Veggies Part 2: Good-bye Pool, Hello Gardens!

I wrote a while back about the beginning of Project Yummy Veggies, which was a name that was more fun than “Mom and Dad Tore Out the Pool and Planted Stuff You Probably Don’t Want to Eat” and was voted in favor of rather than “Obama Garden.”

The only picture I posted was of the pool shortly before my husband and a friend tore it down. It was early March, and even though vegetables were about the furthest thing from our minds at the time, we knew we had to get the pool down and start clearing space for the raised beds we were planning on building.

The morning of the Great Pool Take-Down, I actually had a meeting with my Dominican Laity group, so I missed all the “fun” of actually draining the last foot or so of water from the pool and dismantling most of it. But thanks to my daughters and good friend, I have a few pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once we had those two beds in, we added a steel feed trough (with lots of holes drilled through the bottom) to use as a small bed for cucumbers. Then my amazing husband built a compost bin for me.

We did something really cool, which had been recommended by a friend: we took the remains of the pool to a scrap yard and they paid us for it! We made about $80 selling the scrap metal from the pool. Awesome! (Plus, cool scrap yard equipment!)

Then came the dirt. Four and a half tons of dirt. Turns out, it was about what we needed, with very little left over (which we used to fill a few holes in the yard that had been bugging us).

That dump truck of dirt took us five days to move, three of which was just the girls and I moving the last half ton.

Big Ol’ Truck o’ Dirt

When we were finally finished moving it, I was the sorest I’d been in years. My body hated me. But my garden beds were ready!

Next time, I’ll give you a look at what we planted.

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