The Desktop and iPhone App that Made Me Give up iCal

Once upon a time, I hated Apple products. My last experience with one had been when Steve Jobs wasn’t with the company, and it was on a school-owned iMac of the early sort that was prone to crashing. Then I wound up working with Apple (somewhat reluctantly), and was converted.

I didn’t just drink the Kool-Aid. I started bathing in it. 

I really loved their OS apps for the most part, including the calendar, which I found pretty simple to use and, frankly, more pleasing to the eye than Microsoft’s. I had a few qualms about the iOS calendar, but it wasn’t like I disliked either program.

And then I discovered an app that made me hide the calendar app and use it instead. And I actually paid big bucks for it, too. Me – the cheapskate – bought not one, but two apps (one for iOS, one for my desktop) that duplicated something I had for free on both platforms.

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