Project Yummy Veggies: Part 1

Last year, our grocery bill easily went up 15%, and that was with me being more frugal, buying less that is pre-packaged and processed, and using more coupons. I finally realized that I not only didn’t have a cushion in the grocery budget any more, but I was consistently going over it. We made the decision over last Summer that, should President Obama win re-election, we would tear down our pool and build raised garden beds in the place where it stood.

Kids: But you can’t swim in a garden!

Us: Uh, huh. And you can’t eat a pool.

Our reasoning, which we explained to our family and friends, was that instead of spending several hundred dollars on the pool chemicals every Summer, we would instead invest in the garden beds and grow food that we wanted to eat: tomatoes, peppers, onions, and more.

Our kids really wanted Mitt Romney to win the election.

Alas! While President Obama planned his inauguration parties, our family made plans for what kind of gardens we would have: how large, how many, what to grow in them, when to start? In addition, we decided we wanted to up the ante on our composting habits to help support the new adventure in sustenance farming.

We came up with some ideas from a couple of blogs and drew plans on graph paper and made lists of what supplies we’d need from Lowe’s. My husband and I had meetings over coffee while the girls were in Sunday school. And he put in for vacation time so we could concentrate on getting the garden put together as quickly as possible.

So here begins an ongoing series of posts on what I started to call Project Yummy Veggies (which I thought was nicer than Obama Garden). I’ll be adding to my series a little at a time, showing off pictures and videos of our project.

To start you off, though, here’s a picture of the light dusting of snow we got just a few days before the project began in earnest on March 11:

Snowy Day

Good-bye, pool! It was nice knowing you!

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