During Lauds today, I was struck by an idea that humbled me greatly. In the reading for the Thursday after Ash Wednesday, something new sunk in for me about its meaning.

READING See 1 Kings 8:51-53a

We are your people and your inheritance, O Lord. May your eyes be open to the petition of your servant and to the petition of your people Israel. Hear us whenever we call upon you, because you have set us apart among all the peoples of the earth for your inheritance.

I’ve heard the Responsorial Psalm again and again wherein we proclaim “You are my inheritance, O Lord,” but I only today realized – and this after reading it twice and contemplating it for a while – that this is not the same thing. Here, we are being told that we are an inheritance to God Himself!

I’ve always thought about God being my own inheritance, the great treasure that I am given as a gift. This inheritance is something I should care for and keep safe; my faith must be nurtured so that I never lose sight of the great treasure that God is to me.

But me being an inheritance to the Lord?

I am awed that I am anything at all to Him Who created everything! The God who spoke the universe into being treasures me? Loves me? Who am I that He would care for me at all? 

The fact is, I’ve done nothing to deserve this. As a matter of fact, it’s likely the opposite. If I showered a person with gifts each day and did everything I could to help them be happy, yet that person ignored me most of the time and threw away most of the gifts I gave him, I don’t think I’d consider him much of a treasure. I’d consider him an ingrate.

Yet in spite of the fact that I often treat God like Someone to bail me out of trouble every time I go astray, He treasures me. He calls to me daily, asking me to come closer to Him and trust Him. He never stops looking for me on the horizon.

Lord, let me work daily to live up to the image of me being an inheritance to You. Let me learn to love and trust You and to be more deserving of such a title.


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