Letter to Joe Biden

For her religion class this week, my 11 year old read a chapter about respecting life. Her assignment for the chapter is to write in her journal about her experiences with 40 Days for Life, which she plans to do; however, before she did that, she asked to write a letter to our vice president, Joe Biden. Knowing that Biden was raised Catholic and claims to be Catholic to this day, she’s saddened to know that he supports abortion openly.

I gave her no input at all (except to confirm that Mr. Biden does, indeed, have children), and the medical information, while it can be found at any pregnancy information site online, was found in a 1999 pamphlet from Focus on the Family called “The First Nine Months.” (This link is to their updated version of the pamphlet.) Her letter brought me to tears, and I asked her if I could share it with people. With her permission, here is her letter (with her personal information redacted). The picture is the one she put on the letter, with the same caption.


Mr. Vice President Joe Biden,

My name is *****, and I am Catholic. I am eleven years old and very strongly pro-life. I understand that you are a Catholic. But are you really a Catholic? You support abortion, which is a very harmful act. This letter is on the topic of abortion.

Baby In the Womb at Five Months

As you know, the Fifth Commandment of God is: Thou shalt not kill. This goes for everything, including little tiny ‘clumps of cells’ inside a woman’s body. Are you aware of the fact that a baby’s heart is beating at the age of 3 weeks in the womb? At five weeks, you can begin to see tiny fingers and toes, and the eyes are darkening from pigment produced. At week 8, the embryo is called a fetus, which is Latin for ‘young one’ or ‘offspring.’ In this week, everything is present that we have now, only it is small. The heart has been beating for more than a month, and  many other things, such as the kidneys, have already started their work. The eighth week is when most abortions are performed. In the fifth month, it is easy to tell that it is a baby: he/she has visible fingers and finger nails, eyes, lips, and nostrils. How can you say this is not a baby?

Besides the fact that it is a crime to kill someone (‘someone’ counts as a tiny baby not even out of its mother’s womb), it is not our job to decide when life begins or ends. God alone decides it. If you murder someone, you are committing both a crime and a mortal sin.

Even just supporting abortion is a mortal sin. Would you kill your child? You saw how precious they were when they were first born. A baby in the womb is already a whole person, only littler.

I know someone who has recently had a miscarriage. They were very unhappy when the baby died. Would they be unhappy if it was just a clump of scar tissue and cells, and not a child?

So you see, if you really were a Catholic, you would recognize these things. I hope this letter helped you spiritually.

“Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that eternal life abides in no murderer’s heart.”                                 
-1 John 3:15


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