Thoughts on Why Romney Lost

I haven’t got the heart to really write well about this today, so I’m copying and pasting a bit from Twitter this morning. There, I was looking at Republicans and conservatives bemoaning and trying to figure out what kind of candidate the GOP needs to put forth in order to win. But most of them are off-base.  Here’s what I said there:

#FACT: The GOP can reach out all it wants, but as long as America loves the #CultureOfDeath as much as she does, it won’t do a damn thing. The problem isn’t necessarily our candidates, but the fact that our country is largely selfish. And it lies on BOTH sides of the aisle. Yes, Libs have cultivated culture of Gimme Free Stuff, but Conservatives are often just as selfish when it comes to Christian duty to poor. [And here I am not talking about more government programs, for Catholic Social Teaching does not require us to have a leviathan government that provides for people. Authentic Catholic Social Justice comes from *us* – the people in the neighborhoods that are hurting. But that’s for another day.] So until our country learns humility and true charity, this is what we get: a small, petty man to be president of a small, petty country.

The fact is, the majority of people in our country now see selfishness and nihilism as more important than true charity and the protection of life and liberty. People would rather have meaningless sex with whomever they choose (no matter how empty they feel afterwards) than try to live up to a higher standard. They’d rather play God and decide whose life is worth living (from womb to tomb) than to see the inherent dignity of every human soul. They’d rather have a comfortable life provided by others than try to work hard and improve their own lot. And they’d rather have the stuff they want given to them than look at what freedoms they’re taking away from others in order to get them.

So the fact is, it’s not who the GOP puts out there that’s the problem. It’s our culture. We live in a Culture of Death, one that has embraced Death whole-heartedly. One in which children are seen as optional burdens that we may or may not take on, and in which we are willing to allow government panels to look at cost efficiency when it comes to deciding the level of care our loved ones will receive.

But we have Obamaphone, we have sosh security, we have Obamacare. And we’ve got Swamp People and Honey Boo Boo and Dancing with the Stars and Survivor and American Idol and TV shows that desensitize our families to gay “marriage.” We can’t drink 32 ounces of Coke in New York City, but we can legally light a joint in Colorado and under Obamacare my 14 year old daughter can be put on the Pill without my knowledge or consent.

Who cares if we don’t have liberty? Who cares if Catholics are forced underground because of the oppression that has begun under this president?

As long as we have bread and circuses, we’re all good.

The Church has survived this. The gates of Hell shall not prevail.

9 thoughts on “Thoughts on Why Romney Lost

  1. Hey! That’s my blog image you got there! Sweet!

    Good post, Christine. It’s when the day is darkest that the smallest flame is the brightest. The Church will prevail, even though the culture won’t.


    • Oh, definitely. The Church will prevail through any and all persecutions. But our culture is positively sickening. And I truly fear for persecutions coming down the line. I’m calling it now: they’re going to redefine marriage on a national scale, and the Catholic Church will be attacked *viciously* for not bending the knee to the gods of the state. I also predict some problems for homeschoolers coming. Go back and read Obama’s State of the Union address and the sections on education.


  2. I’m an evangelical and I’m just as worried as you. I’m sorry to see my brothers & sisters in the Catholic church being oppressed by these mandates. Many evangelicals feel the SAME WAY as you about birth control, abortion, and so on. And yes, we’re virtually swimming in a culture of death. May God have mercy on our souls.

    And Christine, I like you fear that changes may come for homeschoolers soon. I don’t forsee losing our right altogether, but I do foresee more regulation.


  3. Excellent blog post! And, I completely agree with you. Satan now has a firm grip on this country. In Maryland, a same-sex marriage referendum was passed and I heard nothing from the Catholic Church prior to Nov. 6th. We are too complacent and arrogant as a nation. The only thing that is going to save us is prayer.


  4. Great article, as usual. You manage to put into concise thoughts and words what we have all thought and felt. I spent most of yesterday in a serious funk and avoided the news discussions altogether.

    I saw a report that gun shops are reporting record sales… guess we are not the only ones fearing the future. I do fear the future financial crisis. If people are looting from the ruined homes of hurricane Sandy while the owners suffer in the cold, what hope is there when stores close, money is scarce, and people can’t get all the stuff they want or need… Theft and riots may be more the norm. Look what is happening in Greece.

    This nation (and much of the world) has turned away from Godly principles and turned towards the immidiate ‘feel good’ feelings that Satan offers. Read your old Testament – even the New Testament… God will not be ignored forever. There will be a price to pay.

    I highly recommend staying as close to God as possible, so that when Jesus comes again you can be ready. Be the girl with the extra oil for your lamp.

    God bless and protect us!!


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