When You’re Paranoid About Packing

Let’s suppose you travel: weekend trips, family vacations for a week or two, trips to see family who are spread out across the country.

And let’s also suppose that, due to an unfortunate incident when you forgot your husband’s pants for a business conference weekend, as well as your tickets to the events, you’re paranoid about forgetting to pack something. Or perhaps you just went for a week-long trip in the middle of nowhere and left every toiletry at home and needed to shop for everything at Piggly Wiggly on Edisto Island and it was all travel size and a bajillion times more expensive than the WalMart at home. Or your kids tried packing their own suitcases and neither of them brought underwear. Or pajamas. Or you went on a trip to Vermont mid-October and failed to pack any sweaters or sweatshirts for yourself and there was a Nor’easter that dropped 18″ of snow on you.


Well! I have a great article up at CatholicMom.com about another of my favorite apps: Packing Pro!

Behold the Beauty!

Even if you’re not paranoid, but you might want to be a little more organized for your next family vacation, you’ll really, really like it. Worth every penny.

Go check it out!

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