Exciting News!

I almost forgot that I had exciting news! Days after losing power, my first column at CatholicMom.com went up! I’ll be writing about technology and apps there once a month, focusing on how to be better organized using technology available. (Yes, this is different than how to level up on Tiny Wings. I promise!)

It’s Not Your Dad’s Gas Book!

My first column is a review of one of my favorite apps, and one of the first really useful things I downloaded: Gas Cubby! I even give props to my dad in it, because it’s his influence that makes me want to keep track of this information.

My next column will be on the first Tuesday of August, and I hope you’ll stop by the site and take a look around at all the other terrific writers there; lots of much more talented writers than me, for sure!

One thought on “Exciting News!

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