7 Quick Takes: Coffee, Homeschool, and Dieting

  1. I haven’t done Quick Takes in so long, I’m not sure I remember exactly what to say. And after reading Jen’s post for today, let’s just assume none of it will be nearly as awesome as hers. Plus it’s early, and I’ve only had half a cup of coffee. Which I left upstairs. So I might not even be coherent. (Evidence: I almost left out the word “not” right there.) Thank God for spell check, or I’d be a total disaster, and people would want to call social services and ask who let me homeschool my kids.
  2. Speaking of homeschool, my 13 year old just took a high school placement test, as required by Seton. After all the research and years of me saying, “Seton really didn’t work for her before,” she picked them out for her high school curriculum. (Curricula? Someone please leave me a comment and tell me which is singular and which is plural!) Before she rejoins Seton, though, they asked that she take a high school placement test and an Algebra-readiness test (which is online and not completed yet). Math is the only thing she’s not up to date on, so I know she won’t do well with that. Yesterday, she was a little panicky at the math sections on the test, and the night before she was in all-out panic-mode at the idea of taking a timed test that involved math. The English portions were all done with time left over. The first math test…not so much. But she’s getting there, and she’ll probably be in pre-Algebra in the Fall.  This doesn’t give her high school credit, but she can take an elective to make up for that.
  3. I blogged a little while ago about how I had been suddenly feeling uneasy about homeschooling for high school, even though I’ve always felt it was a big part of my vocation and never planned to do otherwise. Lately, though, I’ve been feeling a little excited about it; I’m starting to look at it as a new adventure instead of thinking things like, “OMGosh! HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE???!!!1! I HATED THAT STUFF!!!” …Most of the time.
  4. We’re actually nearly done with all subjects for both girls, and I’m relieved. Last year sort of dragged on through the Summer, and we wound up with me saying, “Okay! That’s enough! We’ve done ENOUGH!! Put the books in a box and go in the pool for 2 weeks before we have to start again!!” So when I started feeling burned out at the end of April, I couldn’t figure out why until I realized that, except for usual breaks for vacation and Holy Days, I’d been homeschooling for more than a year non-stop. I know lots of moms who go year-round and have no problem with it. I am NOT one of those moms. *I need a break, and so do my kids.* Sure, when they were both in early elementary school and preschool, it was fun and easy to keep learning all Summer. “Let’s study birds and go feed the ducks every afternoon and make adorable egg-shaped books about how chickens grow inside the egg!” is a lot different than, “Let’s continue to write history papers at a clip of 2-3 per week in June and July while the pool sits outside going unused!” Yes, learning happens all the time, but I want my break, darn it! 
  5. This year, my break will consist of starting to read all of my daughter’s high school books and literature. I’m stealing the Kindle we’re buying for her (early birthday present) and reading most of her literature while she splashes in the pool and goes to drama camp and stuff. But we still won’t be doing all-day lessons, and this is going to be a good thing for us.
  6. A few years ago, my husband said it would be really interesting for our family if I booked a vacation, programmed the address into the GPS, and we just went without anyone else knowing where we’re going. So I booked The Great Mystery Vacation of 2012 a few weeks ago. I am *DYING* to tell someone where we’re going, but I can’t write it here or he’ll find out. I can’t tweet it because he follows me. If I put it on Facebook, even if I put that he can’t see it, someone we know mutually will tell him accidentally. So, until August 5, I am the only person who knows where we’re going on vacation. I even booked it online, so there’s a chance that even a human at the resort has no idea. However, I know it’ll be a hit. And I even have some ideas of activities we can take part in. Aside from relaxing and reading.
  7. Oh, did I mention dieting? Yes, I did! Last week, I re-upped with Weight Watchers, and blogged my weight. Some people might see this as a sign that I’ve finally lost the last bit of sense I had in me, but, come on. Anyone who has known me for a while knows I’ve put weight back on. My problem is that as a girl, I never had to think about what I ate or whether or not I exercised at all. I just plain didn’t gain weight. At all. I was 108 pounds when I got married, and it was the most I’d ever weighed. I could not give blood for years because the minimum is 110. When I got pregnant with my first daughter, I was finally over 115. Then the babies killed my thyroid. Anyway, to get to the present-time, I gained back a lot of what I’d originally lost on Weight Watchers, so I decided to have double-accountability. I’m weighing in on Mondays, and, since I don’t go to meetings, I’m then tweeting and blogging my weight. (How’s THAT for a big Weight Watchers’ meeting!?) My first weigh-in was this past Monday, and I am down to 154 – a loss of 2 pounds in my first 5 days! I’m currently nearing the end of my second week, which tends to be the week when my body loses its sense of humor about having less food than it’s been getting and starts acting as though my throat’s been cut. (And, yes, I really did tweet what my stomach would be tweeting if it had an account. But don’t be silly, my stomach wouldn’t have a Twitter account. That’s for the cat.)

One thought on “7 Quick Takes: Coffee, Homeschool, and Dieting

  1. I love that you realize that you guys need a summer break and so you take one. I think adapting homeschooling into what works for your family is important.

    Way to go on the dieting! You may just inspire me yet!


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