Back on the WWWagon

After my younger daughter was born, I gained some weight. Okay, that’s a bit of an understatement. I, who before I had my older daughter, had the metabolism of a hummingbird and couldn’t get my weight above 112 pounds (until my thyroid went bad after one baby), hit my highest weight of 181 pounds in 2003. I was very unhappy on a multitude of levels. Finally I decided to join Weight Watchers, and I had great success! Here is me before Weight Watchers:

At this point, I’d only lost a few pounds

And here I was after I hit my goal:

Just a bit thinner there…

But I have two problems with keeping my weight in the vicinity you see above. I love food, and I’m horribly lazy. I hate to exercise, unless I’m already in shape, which is kind of hard to be if you don’t exercise. Lately, I’ve put too much weight back on, so I took the plunge and re-upped with Weight Watchers. I hate spending more money, but I absolutely need something to be accountable to, and the online system worked for me in the past. So here I am, counting points again, working my way back down to roughly 120-125 from (gulp) 156.

Yes, you saw it. I just posted my weight. ON PURPOSE.

Here I am today … I’ll update the pictures as often as I can!

I’m also 42 years old, in case you were wondering. No? Oh, okay.

So I’m going to be doing my best to work back down to a better, healthier weight and get more active. And I’m actually going to blog about it. Call it double-accountability, if you will. I’m not doing it for swimsuit season or for my anniversary or any particular thing. I just know I feel better physically and mentally if I maintain a decent weight. And I also know I have lots of pretty clothes I can’t wear right now because I’ve been a lazy glutton.

Fortunately for me, though, Weight Watchers has lots of yummy recipes that I can draw from; and, frankly, I’ve been making them all along, but not sticking to the proper portion size. Funny how that works. I can cook low-fat meals, but if I eat two portions, it does me no good.  (Man, I love to eat. I love food. This is also why I need to exercise more.)

If you’re losing weight, too, chime in and let’s encourage each other along the way! We can do it!

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