Sonnet (A Homeschool Assignment)

Our 13yo has been working on a sonnet this week, and she completed it today. I’ll share it with you, sans title, and leave the topic as a surprise.


Scanning the names, I prepare to compete.
Choosing the track, my heart skips a beat.
Thinking rude things that I don’t really mean,
I watch the hand that is known, but not seen.
Another player’s track is now chosen,
I think through each lap, going one by one.
I’ll surprise my opponents, I think, then…
The race is starting, the race is begun!
I weave around others, dodging a shell,
And laugh as a player drives around, pell-mell.
My character hits the ground with a thud,
Crossing the finish line covered in mud.
Though this sounds awesome (watch out for that tree!),
You’d never guess it’s Mario Kart Wii!

Inspiration for a Sonnet

2 thoughts on “Sonnet (A Homeschool Assignment)

  1. LOL Great Job! I read this poem to my kids today (Shakespeare’s Birthday) as an example of a modern day sonnet. they laughed hard at the end 🙂 Now they are going to try their hand at writing a sonnet. Thanks so much for sharing!


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