Prayer Answered

When our 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee had A/C problems last summer, we weighed our options.  It was going to be a pricy job, but we figured we’d be able to get another couple of years out of the car after having the entire heating and air systems replaced.  What we didn’t count on was the sudden electrical problem that cropped up.  We spent a little more (relative, when speaking about this Jeep at this point), and decided to start saving for a new car, with plans to buy next Spring.

And then the transmission started being wonky, and next Spring became this Spring.  And this Spring turned into this WEEK!

But I prayed about it when we thought the fixit on our cooling fan would hold us for a year.  I asked God to help us be wise and help us find the right car for a decent price when the time was right.

Imagine Travel Man’s surprise when we went looking last night and saw a Kia minivan.

2007 … still has some miles to go on the powertrain warranty, and we took it home for the night and let our mechanic look it over for us.  He said if we took care of it, he wouldn’t be seeing much of us any more.

As much as I love our mechanic, I was happy to hear that.

So, meet the new member of our family: our Kia Sedona minivan.

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After all, what kind of soccer mom am I without a minivan?

Oh, and bonus!  We won’t have to rent a minivan when my parents and Nana come to visit this Summer, and when the girls want to bring friends over, I won’t have to tie them onto the roof rack to make them fit!

Special Lenten note: I still haven’t been actively on Facebook or Twitter.  If you’re reading this from a link on either of those feeds, it’s been auto-posted.  Come by the blog and leave a comment if you’ve got one.  Thanks!

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