Change of Plans

Well, we were all excited to have finished our full emergency fund and have money socked away for an iPad 2, an iPhone 4, and vacations this year.  And then my car decided it was old enough and wanted to retire.  Mind you, this was an event we were planning for … next year.

So, the iPad 2 was cancelled and the iPhone 4 turned into a $50 iPhone 3GS when our contracts were up – with a downgrade in minutes, as well as one personal line cancelled.  And we’ll be car shopping soon, too.  Not in an emergency shopping mode, but one that is definitely in the “actively looking” category.

My New Toy

However, when I went to the AT&T store today to pick up my phone (it had to be done before Friday so we could drop a line and downgrade the plan before the new billing cycle), I left our 12 year old at her soccer practice while I ran over to the store with our nine year old.  When we got back, we decided to play a trick on Big Girl.

“Hey, Mommy got a Droid,” said Little Girl casually.


“Yeah, she got one.”

When asked, I said, “Well, I need to save money.”

While filling our Jeep with gas, though, Little Girl let the cat out of the bag.  “Hey, look!  This is an iPod Touch and this,” she giggled, “is an iPhone!”

The 12 year old could NOT let go of the fact that we “lied to her.” She said she would NEVER let it go.  On the way home, I said, “Hey, look how neat those clouds look over by the sunset!”

“Know what I’m looking at?” she taunted. “I’m looking at you NOT LYING TO ME!”

It went on like that the entire way home.  It was absolutely hysterical.  And because I laughed so hard, she just kept right at it, yelling more and more about what a horrible example I am as a mother for telling my daughter to lie to her sister.  On and ON and ON!

Totally worth it.

By the way, I’m not sure, but I might be getting the iPhone case I posted about here.  Trying to decide if I can wait for it.

4 thoughts on “Change of Plans

    • The one I linked to in my last post was from my CafePress store. I can get it at cost. 🙂 And I’ve also got some money in my account that would cover part of it. Whatever I decide, I should do it soon so as to avoid scuffing stuff up.


  1. BTW, got our baby emergency fund done AND 2 of our smaller debts paid off this month! Of course, we didn’t leave the house and ate bread every day, but we are off to a great start. Just did our second month budget–and the dishwasher went on the fritz. It’s a crappy dishwasher anyway and the estimate is a few hundred dollars. So I bought small-sized Playtex dish gloves instead and a big bottle of liquid detergent. Guess which three Alaskan kids have dishwasher duties now?? 😉 ‘Cause I refuse to dip into the emergency fund two days after funding it!!!


    • So proud of you! We’re still without the dishwasher, but the Jeep needs replacing sooner than we had planned. We thought we could wait a year, save up, wait for the bonus to come… no dice. Our mechanic said now is the time to trade it so we get something still. And also aren’t left on the roadside. So the fund isn’t going to stay fully funded for long, and we’ll just have to work at filling it again.

      But I’m so proud of you guys! The fund AND two debts in one month!! Way to GO!!


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