Seven Quickies: No Kids All Week Edition

Please be sure to check out the Seven Quick Takes lineup at Jennifer’s site, because there are surely more interesting lists than this one.  🙂


I have been, as my title suggests, without my kids all week.  Just my husband and me!  WHOOO!  So that means my week has been like this:

Saturday: Drive 3 hours to drop kids off with parents.  Have dinner, stop at Apple Store on way home.  Crash in bed.

Sunday: Go to Mass.  Stay until 3:30 to count money from collections because it’s my team’s turn.  Go home.  Scarf down lunch.  Discuss plans for week with husband.  Crash in bed.

Monday: Putz around with coffee.  Spend an hour praying at Planned Parenthood for the 40 Days for Life, go to homeschool co-op and drop off my sewing machine.  Shop at Sam’s and buy beer for husband’s work buddy who has signed up to help move sleeper sofas, etc. to Goodwill and other furniture downstairs in our split-level.  (Read: There is a narrow staircase with a sharp turn.)

Tuesday: Move furniture around, vacuum, swiffer. Repeat until downstairs is completely rearranged.  Forget to eat lunch, nealry forget to shower.  Go on a date with hubby to fancypants restaurant.  Come home and crash on the couch while trying to watch Blazing Saddles, which is by far the world’s best comedy ever made.

Wednesday: Bible study at 7 AM, write lesson plans, more cleaning, dinner in the crockpot, scarf down dinner, Mass, lecture at church on Missal.

Thursday: Clean, erase hard drive and reformat old laptop to donate.  Prep all furniture to move to Goodwill.  Clean, laundry, move furniture, clean, laundry, dinner, CRASH.

Friday: (OOH! Today!) Mass, clean, laundry, wash the kitchen floor, 4o Days for Life with hubby, don’t forget that the tires need to be balanced and rotated, so that means another trip to Sam’s.

Yes, the glamorous life of a mom without her kids for a week.


You’ll notice the 40 Days for Life is a part of my week.  This is the fourth time I’ve participated, and we’re signed up for more than ever before.  Today, my wonderful husband took the day off from work to sponsor a day with the Knights of Columbus.  All this because it’s the Day of the Unborn for Knights – today is the Feast of the Annunciation, formerly known as the Feast of the Incarnation: the day our Lord became Flesh.  Today, my husband is spending 12 hours in front of Planned Parenthood, with men coming in and out all day long, all praying for an end to abortion and the Culture of Death.

If you can, join us, whether it be in front of an abortion clinic or just by praying for those of us out there (as well as for the end of abortion).


I missed my kids so much this week, it was crazy.  But they’ve had such a good time, they’ve forgotten to call us most days.  Their father has barely spoken to them at all.


Did I mention I get my girls back tomorrow?  It’ll be worth the nearly 7 hours of car time for another hug from these two cuties.

Who could resist those cute faces!?


I’ve also blogged this week.  A bunch.  And I’ll be guest-posting at Snoring Scholar tomorrow.  Check back for a link to the piece.


Aren’t you glad these are shorter after #1?  I bet you were nervous, weren’t you?


How about a nice video to end the week?

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