Perspectives on Summer School

Because we started school later than I’ve ever started it before, and then had meanderings, vacations, illnesses, Holy Days of Obligation, funerals (at which our older daughter altar served during the week), and the general craziness that is the final week of Advent, I am just now finishing up writing lessons for the third quarter of school.

I put dates on it, just to see where things end up.  I always take Holy Week off, and we’ll be going into the Summer.  So I continued to extrapolate the dates, taking another week off in July when my parents and grandmother will come to visit.

Looks like we’ll finish this school year on August 12 if we stick to the schedule.  Wow.

Of course, there is also the chance that we’ll finish a subject early and then double-down on another subject.  I can totally see that happening with English for both girls, spelling for the fourth grader, and reading for one or both of them.  And I know that they are definitely ahead of their contemporaries in some aspects, especially in their writing skills.

So the looming dates will have to keep me on track, I suppose.  That, and my growing desire to please God in our homeschooling life.  (Yes, I know that can be a bit backwards-sounding.  That’s why I said the desire is growing!)

School Near the Pool

What’s interesting is that the girls were not unhappy about the August finish date.  In fact, they see it as better than they thought it would be; they were expecting to hear that there would be no break this Summer at all!  I guess it all comes down to perspective.

2 thoughts on “Perspectives on Summer School

  1. We have never, ever taken summer off. In VA, we actually planned to work during summer because we loathed being outside so much, so it was a perfect fit! We take a week or two off every few weeks, which is so much more conducive to our temperaments, too. I seriously imagine we’d struggle to get going again with the typical “two and a half months off” during the summer!


  2. BTW, I ought to add that this is going to be a real challenge because everyone raves about summer here. No humidity, mid-70s every day, 22 hours of sunshine! I’ve just got to make sure we get up extra early and get our school done before we head out to enjoy the great outdoor activities.


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