File Under: My Kids Are Awesome

Bad Dudes

My girls are clever kids.  They’re smart.  They’ve got (according to their father and I) great senses of humor.

And they watch a lot more movies than I did when I was their ages.  After all, I didn’t have the advantage of a VCR or DVD player, and I was at the mercy of The Wonderful World of Disney and, later in life, HBO.

They love quoting movies, and whatever their new favorite movie is will influence what sorts of conversations we have.  Right now, that movie is Megamind.  So I frequently have conversations with them where they are acting out scenes of the movie, or giving me lines from certain characters.

This can be funny, to an extent.  But when I start feeling like they haven’t had an original thought in weeks, I want to put my foot down.  So I did.

“For pity’s sake! TALK TO ME AS YOU, NOT SOME MOVIE CHARACTER!!” I yelled.  “I am tired of talking to you and getting a movie line in return!”

“But,” whined my 12 year old, “those are so funny!”

“Yeah!” chimes in the 9 year old. “It’s like all the really good stuff has already been said in a movie!”

I did not tell them how hysterical I find that idea.  False, but hysterical nonetheless.

(Note to my parents and sister: Do NOT tell them that!)

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