Sanctification Through Simplicity

Fr. Longnecker has a beautiful post up about what he calls “supernatural normalcy” and how it is incredibly frustrating to the Devil.  I absolutely love it!  He explains that what really ticks off Old Scratch is the idea that we can live our lives with a holiness, a humility, and a certain kind of hidden-ness that shows God’s graces in our lives.

Done with Love

It reminds me of St. Therese and her Little Way, not to mention the many, many saints who follow a similar path.  Even Opus Dei teaches that your life is a path to sanctification and that we can become holy through our everyday activities.  My holiness might not be in doing great things out in the world.  My holiness will come through living my vocation – wife, mother, homeschooler – to the best of my abilities.  I might not be able to march against injustices or be out giving speeches, but I am able to hug my children when they are sad, iron a shirt for my husband, wash the pots and pans after dinner, do laundry for my children, cook a meal … these are the things that make me a holier person when I do them with love.

And our family, just by existing, drives Satan mad.  That my husband is loving and faithful, that he is working to be a better Catholic (and, therefore, a better man), that he is a good example to our daughters of what kind of man they should marry … these things fight against the darkness that is enveloping our world.

Father Longnecker also gives us a perfect example: Mary:

This way of ‘supernatural normalcy’ is the way of the Blessed Virgin. She doesn’t jump out from the pages of the New Testament as some sort of Superwoman or Heroic Saint. That’s because she is ordinary. She if ‘full of grace’ and therefore she seems to be totally and utterly natural and real. She is all that she was created to be and therefore she does not seem to be extraordinary. She is as natural and beautiful as a morning in May. She is as natural and virginal as a virgin forest.

It therefore takes a discerning spirit and a finely tuned spiritual sense to find such souls. They are difficult to find not only because they are humble and hidden, but because they are ‘normal’. If you told them they were holy and that you wanted to sit at their feet they would laugh and tell you they are not holy and that you have made a mistake. They don’t seem extraordinary, and yet for those who have eyes to see they are very extraordinary indeed.

The Simple Life can Sanctify

This is what I need to remember when I feel badly that I can’t get to 40 Days for Life more often, or when I have to miss the March for Life, or when I cannot go to a weekend of uplifting talks given by leading theologians.  I need to remember that my little life, hidden here in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, is my path to holiness.  That my path is made more perfect when I live my vocation, that I am sanctified by the duties of my life that, frankly, can seem dreary at times.

But when I do them with love, and do them to give glory to God, who gave me my vocation, sanctification comes!  Graces are given!

And I fight back against the Devil.

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